Mitchell – Dec 22, 2020

Same thing happened to me, I called a number attached to a Netgear Webpage, thinking I was getting a NetGear affiliate, then mistakenly gave them access to my computer blah blah blah. I am usually very careful about strange calls, but because this number was attached to a NetGear website, I thought it was legit.

I’m lucky that all I’m out is 250 bucks. Thank goodness they didn’t lock down my computer and so on. Now they keep calling claiming they’re trying to give me a refund, but claiming that I have to go to my computer and “shut down the software (which I already had Geek Squad remove),…etc.

I never let them get that far, I also changed my bank card. Things were fine for about 8 months after I bought their supposed “services” and then I kept getting calls every single day asking me to go to my computer and shut down the software so they could “refund” me.

Terrified the crap out of me, so that’s when I contacted Geek Squad and took my computer in to have all their stuff removed. Turns out, it was totally malware. So I’m out $250.

Blake – Oct 25, 2020

I had issues with my NETGEAR Router and I called the 1 800 number and someone by the name of mr. Watson but sounded like Indian made me believe that he was Working for NetGear. he asked for my router modern number and serial number and he convinced me in allow him to check get control of my computer. He told me that I had security breach and I had a choice to pay for 2,3,5years protection plan. So I thinking it was NetGEAR I bought the 3year technical support plush whatever he did and gave me a custer case number. He followed up today to make sure my computer was running ok. He mentioned not to answer anyone that would metion any refund. I don’t what to do.

Misty – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 78606

Total money lost $220

Type of a scam Tech Support

We were attempting to have our Netgear router serviced, as we were attempting to pay for service the tech guy uploaded a contract for a 3 yr service plan, when we said we didn’t want they service, he still processed pmt for it AND FORGED my signature with a docu sign , I have a witness who can attest to this behavior and I’m out $220 . This happened through NetGear website, I will never use their products again.

Meagan – Aug 24, 2020

On May 18,this year I called 1877 851 1186 and to remove the virus in my computer, then the next day my computer was blank with the power on,I called them and ask why and they try to help and told me to tap this and that after maybe an hour nothing happened.Eric Johnson stated to find another computer and a flash drive but I couldn’t.So I was so frustrated and I googled and it was a success! So happy and called them back. I asked for my money back $189.99,David he calls himself a supervisor, he got upset and told me there is no refund for this service! So I called my Capital One credit card to dispute.After 3 months and paper works documents also the bad customer reviews submitted the Capital One was a failure with my dispute against Nexgroup LLC.I’m now afraid to used Capital One due to unsuccessful results of the dispute

Kristi – Aug 02, 2020

Victim Location 96818

Total money lost $28,500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Bought a five year plan for technical computer support in early 2019 from NEX Group, LLC. About two weeks ago, was informed via telephone from a rep from NEX Group, that someone has hacked my computer and stole some info from my softwares. Hence, this rep from NEX said he would correct my computer for me, and asked to enter my computer to fix the problems, which I did. Said he could not correct all and offered to refund portion of my plan, and was going to refund $300.oo out of the $570.oo I paid for the 5 year tech support. This person whose name is Michael Andersen(?), also gave me his pass word to ensure that the hacker would not try to get hold of me, his P/W: NEX ******.

By me giving the OK to enter and fix the hacked portion of the software, he stole portion of my computer software, and used this info for his advantage, i.e., Bank info, etc. Michael Anderson (now I believe this is a fictitious name) said he would transfer that portion of the refund by a bank transfer, from his Chase bank to my ASB account. During the process, another "0" was added, so it appeared that the transfer made was for $30,000.00 instead of the $300.00. He sounded panicky, said he will lose his job if he doesn’t get this corrected. I checked with my bank to insure the money was in fact transferred to my account. Yes it was, so I started the motion to return the money which was in excess of the $300.00. I returned a total of $28,500.oo. Said I could keep $1,500.00, for work and postage to return the funds.

LO & BEHOLD, that $30,000.00 that was in my account and of which I returned $28,500.00, was not his money!! It was mine!! He transferred the $30,000.00, not from his Chase Account, but from MY BANK, from another account I had, I did not know he had done me wrong until my bank statement arrived and I saw the transfer from my one account to another account of mine.

The scammer (Michael Anderson) worked for NEX Group LLC and he appeared to be just one of many scammers scattered throughout the US, i.e., from WELDON, CA, Santa Clara, CA, Cheyenne, WY, Georgia, Florida, S. Carolina, Michigan, etc.

Charlotte – Jul 03, 2020

Victim Location 92301

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Tech Support

This company got into my computer with a number to Netgear. I was trying to get help with my router to netgear and they acted as reprentatives of netgear to fix my problem with changing passwords. And they lied and once they got into my computer they wanted me to purchase their software and kept stating they were able to convince me to purchase software to safeguard my comuters and phone. When I got off the line I found out they downloaded my information inti their system while adding new password to my router. They stoled my email by changing passwords and had to change it again. I had to purchase new router and their website is fake. They write out a fake contract while downloading and stealing your info.

I was able to cancel the purchase of computer security for 599.00 put a stop payment through my bank. But they still took 100. 00 dollars to cancel them.

They are thiefs and pushy liars dont fall victum of them.

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