Adriana – Jan 08, 2021

I worked with this called Nerdybiz. They were a work at home customer call center that serviced multiple scam services. So we were the call center for beyondpatriots,, and the list goes on and one. Me and a handful of other reps were the point of contact for the two listed companies. We had customers calling stating they made a purchase off of facebook, then the next day were charged 16.99,19.99,21.99,22.95,31.95. me and the other hired reps would send in the request to cancel, the customers were cancelled 10-20 days later. Then a couple days later, they were recharged from libertyshop.Com for $29.95 and $31.95, making these people accounts overdraft. It was a horrible setup, and the company nerdybiz is still in business. The are the behind the scenes company for the two huge scammers. They should not be allowed to operate along side of two scamming companies. Beware of nerdybiz llc. They have multiple companies, with different names, working in affiliation with companies that are knowingly scamming veterans and people out of there hard earned money! Beware. They will work you, you will get screamed at all day by customers who were scammed, then the company will let you go once you recognize what they are doing. Ask to many questions, they fire you. But they are rhe scammers, wth! Beware!

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