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Colleen – Dec 18, 2020


We have received a loan amount of $10,000 under your name, but unfortunately the company which made the deposit, is willing to cancel the transaction to make a refund.

Please contact us if you wish to accept the funds.


Thank you.

Anna – Dec 02, 2020

Dear Customer,

Your loan application has been approved for $10,000 with an interest rate of flat 8.5%. The loan amount will be sent to your bank account within 2 working hours after all the procedures have been completed.

NOTE: No upfront payment required to get this loan.

For any queries contact us anytime as the customer service works 24*7 on 773-757-6484, or reply back to this email to get in touch with the representative.

Yours sincerely
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Ends.up saying my bank.accounts for this. But. Money gram does it.will.cost 100 dollars. Then he said 1000 dollars. But id get it back. Then he said 1500 dollars and it was money i got by pawning my gun i loved so much and my teeth surgery money i saved screwed. . By a.scammer. justino iannelli

Cole –

Victim Location 56315

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

My fiancé was told that he was approved for a $10,000 loan. He was told to send $200 on a Steam gift card and then they would moneygram the loan and the $200 back to him. After doing that they told him that he needed to send another $200 the same way for penalties and fees. He did that then when he still did not receive the money he requested that the $400 he sent be returned. They told him that he just needed to send another $200 for the moneygram fees then he would have the loan plus the money he has sent. He did that and was told to wait 24 hours then he would have the money. So he waited then was given reference numbers to pickup the moneygram but the reference numbers were invalid. He contacted Daniel Andrews again and was told to send another $250 so they could Western Union the money because moneygram is not working but it would be guaranteed through Western Union. My fiancé explained that he did not have any more money to send and asked to take to Daniel’s supervisor. He was transferred to Cindy Williams and she told him to send the $250 and she would guarantee that he would have the loan and all the money he has sent so far. So he did. Then when he did not receive the money he called Cindy Williams asking for her to just send the money back and she said he would have to send $150 in order for her to send the money back. So he did. Now neither Daniel Andrews or Cindy Williams will answer his calls.

Diana –

Victim Location 47322

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Consumer had applied online for loan started receiving phone calls and the Net Loan USA said she had been approved for a loan for $2,000 and then asked if she wanted more. She refused more. Then they said they needed $200 for insurance on the loan. When she did not receive the money she called them and they said that she needed to send another $168.00 because of her credit score. Consumer sent the first $200 money gram at Walmart.

Grant –

Victim Location 49095

Total money lost $165

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

i put an app in for a loan on multiple sites. the next day i received a call from phone number 9283872115, saying that they were looking at my application and i thought they were legit. the conversation continued and i thought it was legit. at the end of the phone call the loan officer said i had to prove that i could make a payment and show a payment amount on a green dot walmart visa debit card. i did this and put money on the card but didnt register it like i was told by my "loan officer" to do. i gave them the card information and they activated the card. i have no idea if the card is in my name but i have the temperary card and cannot access it due to the pin that i dont know. i need help, they have all my information including my bank information, social security number, and now that card that could possibly be in my name.

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