Nations to Nations Investment Organization

Charlotte – Aug 30, 2020

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I was contacted to have my money flipped for profit. I didn’t have the money initially, I gathered some to try and have the money increased so that I may be able to pay for school. I was requested to send $200 to the scammers CashApp. I was then told that it will be processed. And that the manager (John Washington) will give me a call, I then later received a call. We spoke on the phone. After the money was “processed” I then later received an email that seemed like a legitimate email with the western union header. Which stated the amount I was to receive, but also included “government stamp tax fee” of $900. I was informed that I would have to pay this for the money to be released. Upon this taking place I asked if I could be refunded the initial $200, I was told no. So I foolishly decided to gather the $900 in hopes of receiving the money that was promised to me. I was then requested to make this transaction through Zelle, due to CashApp not allowing the transfer to go through. I was also given assurance that the $900 would be the final fee.

I then received another call from John Washington stating that the company is charging a release fee of $2500, but will cover $1300 and I would be responsible for the remaining $1200. At this point I decided to stop, seeing as how I had borrowed the $900 and the initial $200 was my last.

(I have more pictures if it would help)

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