National Campaign to Guarantee Society Security

Chelsea – Oct 19, 2020

My 96 year old mother wrote a check for $15.00 when it was processed it became $150.00 she believes some one within the organization altered the check. It was written to The National Campagin to Guarantee Social Security. I have not been able to locate a phone number for this organization to request a refund.

Randall – Aug 15, 2020

Matt Davies is listed as the person responsible for development of this scam.

Grant – Aug 15, 2020

I am receiving the same type of urgent letters from this group. Today, I received a “Petition to the Supreme Court to Protect the Fundamental Rights of American Seniors” sent out by this group & Matt Davies to be signed & sent out with a donation. This is horrible to take advantage of us seniors with these scams!
Leona Quigley
7108 S.E.Rosewood Ln.
Stuart, FL 34997

Grant –

Victim Location 11365

Total money lost $6,200

Type of a scam Charity

My elderly Mom has been receiving mail from the above named company asking for money stating in their letters that "they regret to inform you that liberals in the 113th Congress are launching attacks on Social Security". It is signed by a Matt Davies, Chairman .

She has given them the following money by check: July 14, 2014 $1,000. October 16, 2014 $1,000.and on June 5, 2014 $1,000. Another company with the same Arlington, Va. address she sent: October 9, 2014 $1,000.October 13, 2014 $1,000. They use another name: American

Federation of Senior Citizens signed by Wanda Powe, Chairman.

Another Company she has sent money to is: National Retirement Security Task Force, September 15, 2014 $500.and on September 18, 2014 $1,000.They request that she complete a 2014 SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION POLL with five days. My Mom lives in Flushing, NY and I live in Fredericksburg, Va., It was only after a visit to her late Sept.2018 when I had to help get rid of an accumulation of mail that was tied up in her kitchen that I discovered these lettters with the donations she has sent thinking they were legitimate. If there is an agency I can report these scamers, and they are many more "charities" she has given to, please let me know. Thank you. Theresa Di Caro, Phone# 201-264-3894, I called the phone# listed on the bottom of their letter and it was an answer service. The person answered they she knows nothing about the company but it’s based in Beverly Hills, Ca.

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