Magnetic SL

Reginald – Feb 22, 2021

I received my order and I was only able to use it one time, yes, just once. When I tried using the product, it came out clumpy and the applicator broke. It was such a disappointment, especially after reading all of the hype and promotions about this product. Definitely one of the worst purchases ever!

Sarah – Feb 17, 2021

This company is a total scam! Do NOT buy from them. It’s been three months since my purchase was made and still no product. I continue to get excuse after excuse as to when I’ll get it or why I didn’t. It’s frustrating there isn’t anything you can report on their own site since they’re about to have “more product”.

Alana – Feb 16, 2021

I’ve purchased 2 orders $75 total in August 2020 nevee got any dozens of emails and no package or refund! BIG SCAM!

Arthur – Feb 12, 2021

This company is a piece of crap! Not only do they not deliver the products you buy, they do not give you back your money- I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my bank- DO NOT order from this FAKE COMPANY that rips people off and than give you a hard time about giving you back a refund!

Lindsay – Feb 11, 2021

This company is a scam for sure. How are they getting away with it and we’re just out of our money! I ordered a set of Kourtney lashes in November and to date have not received it, the tracking number given does not exist and was given two tracking numbers and still nothing cause per tracking they are still waiting fir the package. I can’t believe that Kourtney Kadashian promotes scammers.

Joshua – Feb 11, 2021

I AM SO ANGRY at myself for ordering from this disgusting company. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD. I foolishly trusted it as it was endorsed by bloody Kourtney Kadashian and I will not get my $60 AUS back. First time being scammed and I feel so upset. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS terrible company. Generic emails back and forth with zero responsibility taken for their actions and I will not get the product or my money back.

Carla – Feb 07, 2021

This company is a scam. I ordered a set of Kourtney lashes in November and to date have not received it,the tracking number given does not exist. I can’t believe that Kourtney Kadashian promotes scammers.Disgusted!

Priscilla – Feb 11, 2021

Thank you for report thing Carissa. I am so enraged by this company and trying to forgive myself for ordering. I ordered the same time as you – November and have repeatedly asked for a refund only to be told repeatedly that there is nothing that can be done. Utterly disgusted!

Walter – Jan 09, 2021

This company is a bunch of frauds, they never deliver the product, nor refund. Beware of social media scammers marketing for this company. ORDER #32659329 was ordered since NOVEMBER! YES SINCE NOVEMBER FOR MY WIFE as she saw a scammer social medialist whom these people assign. BEWARE!

Allen – Jan 04, 2021

Horrible Experience

I paid and never received the parcel.. I placed my order in June 2020 and despite my follow up it was never shipped nor refunded .. it is a scam!

Devon – Dec 19, 2020

I ordered from them and when I received my product, the liquid liner was all dried up and useless. I have been trying to contact them since July and they keep saying they will send a replacement but it’s always delivered to southern ca to some bull[censored] address! SCAM asf. Do not fall for it. They won’t even refund my money and now their email pics are blank when writing them.

Louis – Dec 17, 2020

Ordered a Courtney set from Magnetic SL. Got a confirmation but the tracking number does not exist in SA. They say use the order number to track the parcel , this is a red flag as order numbers are not post or courier tracking numbers and never the same . I’ve been scammed .DO NOT BUY FROM THIS THIEVING COMPANY . You can not get hold of them telephonically or by e mail and get no response to
Anything .

Megan – Oct 21, 2020

Hello everyone!
Hello everyone!
I’ve made my order just yesterday, I’ve ordered Length and Shape Kit and the amount of111,99$ has been immediately charged from my credit card. I checked my email thousand times for order confirmation (spam also) but still nothing even today, all I have is print screen of page with information that my purchase completed including shipping address, billing address and payment method but no order number (thanks God I made this print screen due to the fact it is my first purchase via this site). So yesterday for the first time I wrote them an email about my problem that I have no order confirmation and order number, I repeated this complaint today but still nothing. So it seems that the amount from my card has been taken just for nothing. How come?I even don’t have no order number. I’m shocked and as far as I understand I’m not the only one and there’s practically no chance to get an order or to get money back. I’m very disappointed because 111,99$ is not that cheap.
So please before deal with these guys read the reviews carefully because shipping via Magnetic SL seems to be a waste of time and money, very very sad.
If something changes, I will add my review .

Jimmy – Jan 04, 2021

I had similar experience .. it is a scam

Jacqueline – Oct 12, 2020

Like most of the negative reviews on here, BE WARNED when buying from this company. It takes them almost 2 weeks or more to respond back to any issues with your order and after going on three weeks I still have not received mine. They tell you “thanks for your patience and your understanding” blah blah blah (Messages are always from the same person named Emily) and then if you respond back you are back in the queue again waiting for another response time which you’re lucky if you ever get one, let alone any resolution from customer service.

Micah – Oct 11, 2020

If I could give them a ZERO i would. Placed my order at the beginning of April and still have not received it. Emails back and forth then after 4 months they told me that it was probably stolen. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM. Lots of Australian business’ who sell this product with fast postage and they keep you updated with shipping every step of the way! I was a sucker thinking Kourtney Kardasian endorsed this!

Edward – Oct 01, 2020

Scammer’s phone +971 58 560 8637

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address ME ECPRO LLC 154 Rue des gros grès 92700 Colombes France

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

Ordered items 02/aug /2020 ,ORDER #31583806, order #31587696,
Totalling -$245.87
Tracking no was a scam non existent company (SUNYOU- check reviews) . After aggressive emails , another tracking no was sent to me , with the same scam courier company after I offered to pay for decent trackable shipping eg DHL. I want my money back and these criminals to stop scamming innocent people of their hard earned cash .

Steven – Sep 22, 2020


Lydia – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 55433

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased products from what I thought was a reputable retailer since they have collaborations with celebrities. I got charged twice first off, now I haven’t received product, nor an email response to my 3 emails. I got USPS tracking info, that has said in pre-shipment for 2 weeks

Brianna – Aug 08, 2020

magnetic sl is a scam! Save yourself and your money please I beg you! My total was 97$ and they didn’t give me a refund nor did I receive the product! And only after two months did I realize that they are a scam and I am not the only one😔😔😔😔 tried to contact them via email, first they replied very generic replies, then stopped replying all together! Commented on their instagram got my comment deleted! DMed them replied with a generic reply too! And to this day nothing! Still didn’t receive anything! 😩

Caroline – Jul 01, 2020

Victim Location 02360

Total money lost $38.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered magnetic eyelashes and was charged for them and never received them. When I contacted them they gave me a different tracking number and told me it was delivered and this "tracking number proves it". I tracking number was says the product was delivered to Texas. I live in Massachusetts and I gave them the correct mailing address. They now won’t ever respond to my emails and I’m put the monet.

Kelly – Jun 28, 2020

Victim Location 63841

Total money lost $38

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased an item from this company through FB and never gotten the merchandise. I was given a tracking number that is untraceable.

Kelli –

Victim Location 45419

Total money lost $38.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Kourtney Kardashian did an advertisement for magnetic SL lashes through Instagram. I Purchased these lashes back in the last week of May, and they charged my card right away. However, I still have yet to receive my package, nor has my shipping information changed with the tracking number they gave me. I’ve written to the company three times now regarding this issue, and they return my message with an automated response that has been exactly the same every time. It says they have contacted the shipping company and my order has shipped… There is no other way to get in contact with this company other than email. I’m quite worried because now they have my credit card number, so I will be getting a new one. Do not order from here!

Lawrence –

Omg same here ! $108.79 Spent and no items or traceable tracking. I also purchased after seeing kourtney

Steven –

Victim Location 54487

Total money lost $38.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered magnetic eyelashes 4/30/2020 , email stated 3-7 business days for shipment of merchandise. Have contacted them 3 times via email with cookie cutter response and still NO merchandise. Won’t let you cancel the order unless you ship the product back. Hard to do when they never sent you anything. SCAM! Package tracker states the shipment is in Chicago?

Cassie –

I asked for my order to be canceled before I received any shipping notification but they wouldn’t cancel. Instead they keep telling me the same thing over and over that the package is in transit. Now it is waiting for USPS to pickup since May 19th. Then I’m offered 40% off any future orders. Why? If they couldn’t ship out, they shouldn’t take orders. USPS confirmed they never received the package but the Company still gives generic responses that it is in transit. They lie every time. It’s well over a month and no order, they won’t refund and they have no telephone number. I have reported to my credit card company, the FTC and BBB. Shame on this company for taking peoples hard earned money and ignoring them. They should be shut down immediately! This company is a complete scam.

Kendra –

100% AGREE! And also, shame on Kourtney Kardashian for even backing this company!

Ricardo –

I ordered this product on April 12 and still have not received them! It was a product that was advertised on Facebook and promoted by Kourtney Kardashian! Since then I have emailed the company at least a dozen times and just get a generic email back with a fake tracking number saying my order is on the way still have not received it there’s no phone numbers or customer Service line Service line to contact! Now I i’m in a group of people that was scammed by this company and some of them have finally received the product however the product was either defective, the liquid eyeliner smelled funny and or some of the eyelashes were missing from the box. So even if I do get this product I don’t even think it would be safe to use on my face!

Kristopher –

Victim Location 73644

Total money lost $38.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I made an online purchase for magnetic eyelashes on April 23rd and still have not received anything. I tried contacting the company and there’s no phone number available and when I tried through Facebook all I got was an automated reply and same thing happened when I tried emailing them. They said I couldn’t get a refund until I received my order but the bogus tracking number they gave me says my order has been in Chicago, IL since April 27th. I contacted my post office to see what they could do and he told me that my order hasn’t even hit the mail stream yet.

Arthur –

Victim Location 10033

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I just wanted to inform of the following scam from Magnetic SL ( I had placed an order back on April 27th, 2020. I was lured by watching a celebrity-endorsed (Kourtney Kardashian) video and wanted to purchase magnetic eyelashes. When I completed the online purchase, it gave me an order number of 31333516. After that, it gave me a USPS tracking number. I gave it a couple of days to give them time for the order to be complete. To my surprise, my order was still as per their website at the Chicago IL location. It is now May 20th, 2020 almost one month and as per the tracking number on their website, it is still in Chicago IL. When I went to the USPS website and enter the USPS tracking number, it stated that the item was picked up by a shipping partner on the 27th of April 2020. Also that this does not indicate receipt by USPS or the actual mailing date. I believe that this website and anyone who promotes this website, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and any person who would put their name on this product should be fined.

Brent –

Victim Location 45245

Total money lost $38

Type of a scam Online Purchase

An purchase was made on 3/27 to Magnetic SL. I initially did not receive an email acknowledgement nor an order number. After several attempts emailing their "customer service" email address, was given an order number and tracking number. It is now May 19th, and the tracking number indicates the item is still waiting to be picked up by USPS. I have been researching reviews and several people are experiencing the same delay/fraud. I believe the add was fraudulently included in Facebook ads and thousands were taken advantage of. I have emailed several more times inquiring about my order to be told the same story that there is a delay and then offered a 40% discount code.

Lacey –

Victim Location 93420

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Order magnetic eye lashes over a month ago and have not received nothing. They give you a false tracking number that your order is in Chicago and due to covid there are delays. No phone numbers , no refunds. 100 of people have reported the same. They post a Facebook negative reports and immediately delete and block. Please stop these frauds. They are using famous people in their ads. Please stop them…

Claudia –

Victim Location 93420

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Order magnetic eye lashes over a month ago and have not received nothing. They give you a false tracking number that your order is in Chicago and due to covid there are delays. No phone numbers , no refunds. 100 of people have reported the same. They post a Facebook negative reports and immediately delete and block. Please stop these frauds. They are using famous people in their ads. Please stop them…

Randall –

Victim Location 97303

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company uses celebrity endorsements and coupon codes to lure you in to buying their magnetic lashes. You will not receive your purchase and when you email you get a canned response from “Jane” assuring you that the management team has shipped your order and apologizing for the delay and offering a 40% off discount off another purchase. Meanwhile the label won’t go past being created and never starts tracking. When you email again you get a second canned response and another coupon. Complete fraud! On Trust pilot they flag all negative reviews so they get removed and post fake positive reviews. Trust Pilot has a warning on this company and it’s acknowledgment that the company is falsely reposting reviews and posting positive reviews. This company is a fraud!

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