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Deanna – Oct 14, 2020

They got me for $943 from November 2018 to March 2020. they had my wife’s name on the draft and I thought it was something she had set up. after I caught it they had the balls to hit me one last time with an electronic check in April 2020! I made complaints to my city police, the Las Vegas Police, the Nevada Department of Consumer Affairs, the FBI (U.S. Dept. of Justice) and there Federal Trade Commission. Nobody did nothin’.
GUESS WHAT? They’re BAA-AAACK! Hit me for $39.95 this time their ID is:
ITK Cloud, phone is 800-819-0680 and they are back to using my wife’s name on the ACH draft! Professional criminals allowed to run rampant!

Dawn – Sep 24, 2020

Same thing here. 44.95 from my checking account for 12 months. Billing descriptor MKB8883935223 They would only refund 3 months because they know they will lose it anyway when you dispute the transactions with your bank. I lost $405 to these [censored]. I never signed up for cloud services of any kind. This is stolen information. I discovered when they started to go for more through another scam cloud services site called They were billing 60 per month with billing descriptor DWS8886248867

Rosa – May 26, 2020

Same issue here. Deposited 1 cent and then took out 44.95 a month for 10 months. Totaling $449.49 stolen. Looks like they try and deposit 1 cent into different accounts, and when they see they were successful start pulling 44.95 a month. Total scam.

Roberto – Apr 15, 2020

This company is a total scam. They will deposit .01 into your checking account and then proceed to charge you $44.95 every month. When you call them, they will refund your money up to 3 months. The customer care and billing people dont even try to pretend they are legit. They know they are a scam but will not refund anything longer then 3 months.

Beth – Mar 17, 2020

Scammer’s phone (888) 393-5223

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 2850 W Horizon Ridge Pwky, Henderson, NV 89505

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I had charges on my account from this company dating 6 months back. I had never signed up or used their services and was getting charges anyway. They find a way to get your information and make it look like you signed up so when you dispute it through your bank they get the money back. That’s exactly why the have a C rating with the BBB and there are hundreds of other users saying the same thing.

Jose –

I am an employee of MyKloudBox, and we assure you and the public at large that we do not partake in fraud of any kind. All billing is the result of online registration and if a client or person who’s been billed requires a refund, it will be granted to any account holder with a legit complaint and no usage on their account. We must make clear that we bill tens of thousands of clients annually and not even a percentage point of that file complaints. For further inquires please call 888 393 5223. Thank you.

Misty –

That is a complete lie. Your company has a systematic program to fraud unknowing individuals. The amount of similar complaints against your company is staggering. We are going to file complaints and have the AG in all 50 states alerted to your business practices.

Christie –

Victim Location 48035

Total money lost $44.95

Type of a scam Identity Theft

This supposed company called My Kloud Box stole $44.95 out of my checking account. I do not know this company, I did not purchase anything from this company. I do not know how they obtained my bank account number. When I called the guy laughed at me and told me their computers were "down" and he would call me back. No thanks.

I had to close my bank account and start over with everything. What a scamming, fraudulent, terrible thing to do to unsuspecting people. Folks, look at your bank accounts! I am sure they make money from people who never notice it is missing. So sad these people are allowed to steal money and nothing is done about it!!!!

Frederick –

Victim Location 21212

Total money lost $314.65

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A "company" I never heard of or ever had any contact with made a one penny ACH deposit to my bank account in November 2018. Since then, they take 44.95 out of my bank account every month by ACH withdrawal. A phone number is listed on the ACH withdrawal on my bank statement and they don’t answer. They provide no services and I have no account with them. I don’t know how they learned my bank account number or how they manage to get away with this. They have stolen 314.65 from me so far.

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