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Jeremy – Oct 12, 2020

I had an interview with them recently. I was skeptical to go inside the company due to their reviews and the lack of information on their website, but it is a legitimate company. When I went inside they were really friendly but none of the workers were wearing masks inside the building and we’re still in a pandemic. It’s ridiculous because they’re not taking it seriously. I declined their offer to work there because they wanted you to be in a program where it’s only commission based. They promise to move you up to a management position with six figures after the program. For the interview process they require a three step interview and I managed to do it in one day. They do work with and other non profit organizations. They are also an event based marketing agency. When I was shadowing them on their event marketing stand they ask you to smile more and move your mask down to talk to people. It’s a pandemic and I didn’t want to risk anyone getting sick due to COVID-19. They don’t really care about the pandemic or have any safety measures in their small company. I suggest you apply if you’re willing to do commission pay only. They are friendly and helpful though.

Grant – Sep 30, 2020

After attending an interview with Mountainside Global, I realized that the comments of this being a “scam” just weren’t true. They are a marketing firm, focused on promoting product for various clients. One client they represent is an AWESOME non-profit. I can understand the concern, as their website is broad. But after attending, I would actually recommend this position to those looking for something to work hard at!

Chad – Jul 06, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

The company just contacted me by phone and via e-mail about an interview. I only applied for virtual but they want me to come in person in Colorado, and I live in MD. I checked out the web site and it was completely vague and that’s how I ended up on this page – looking into them more.
It’s sad that when you are looking for a job that this happens, and a good reminder to ALWAYS do your RESEARCH!

Rachael – Aug 28, 2020

They just contacted me too and I am so glad you posted this because it looks like a scam. Thank you!

Kellie – Jun 03, 2020

I too received a request for an interview; the job posting was by R. R. Company or Recruiting Results, but then when I got the confirmation email, all the references were to a “Mountainside Global” so that was the first sketchy sign. I checked out their website and it seemed very vague, and then I couldn’t find any employee reviews (I usually like to see what previous/current employees think of the company, then I research the salary before going into an interview) which led me to the job postings spammed by varying company names, finally I found these reviews/scam alerts and turned down the interview. If this company IS real, they need to do some serious rebranding and explaining…

Antonio – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 80033

Type of a scam Employment

This business posted multiple job listings on Google, ZipRecruiter, and Snagajob for an "Event Assistant". When reviewing their stock image-based website, it has no information about what the company actually does, and further, includes "reviews" from fake companies and fake people towards the bottom of their site, including "Isabella Moro at Melody Wines" and more. When researching "Melody Wines" there is no company with this name. Same for the other so-called reviews. When clicking the prompt to apply for this position, the company hiring is R.R. Careers, which is not Mountainside Global Events. They use gmail for their email addresses and fake phone numbers. DO NOT fall for this scam- you will be disappointed.

Carlos –

I also got an email and text requesting an interview with this company for a “Marketing Assistant” position. I searched through my emails and job site application history and cannot find any evidence that I actually applied with them. I have been applying to tons of jobs, so I assumed it just got lost in the shuffle. However, reflecting- I think I may have never even directly applied, so not sure how they got my information.

Originally, their website looked legit and I saw a few employee reviews, so I agreed to an interview. I showed up to the address which was in Wheatridge, CO- and it turned out to be a slightly sketchy building randomly placed behind a bunch of car dealerships and sketchy antique shops on the side of the highway. The building and whole feel of the thing seemed suspicious to me- so I decided not to go in. I emailed to let them know last minute I wasn’t interested in interviewing anymore, and never even received a reply back. Don’t trust this company.

Heidi –

Victim Location 80033

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

My name is Taylor Strope, I am the Owner of Mountainside Events, LLC in Colorado. I have had a number of calls from people saying that they have received calls for an interview with "Mountainside Global Events". I have tried to reach out to "Mountainside Global" to address the confusion but the phone numbers and emails on their website is false information. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. I am in no way affiliated with Mountainside Global Events.

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