Motor Vehicle Service Notification

Maurice – Feb 18, 2021

I am getting calls and voicemails telling me this is the last time they are going to call because I haven’t responded but then a week later they are calling again leaving me voicemails and mailing me these pink cards. I answered one time and told them to take me off their list, and that didn’t work, you call back the number they leave on your voice mail and it’s not a good number. How are they getting my information? Type of car I am driving. Please stop calling me! I am not interested! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

Christy – Jan 31, 2021

Annoying [censored] sent me this postcard same as everybody else has gotten. They make it look official it’s not the big giant scam and their big giant [censored]. Don’t fall for it we’re just trying to get your money.

Marc – Jan 27, 2021

I receive these cards in the mail at least twice a wk, as well as numerous phone calls(sometimes 3-5 times weekly). I block the calls each time, and they will call right back from another number. I’ve changed my phone number due to this, and they have somehow got my current number as well. It’s getting quite intolerable and fruatrating!

Lance – Dec 17, 2020

I have received several of these by mail since I have bought my 2013 Dodge Avenger four weeks ago. I called one of them to see what it would cost and what it was for and he said to cover the factory warrant that is about to expire and cost and repairs, I asked what the coverage would cost and he said 3,000 dollars that’s when I told him I didn’t want the services and they said ok because I didn’t know what it was and yet I still get them. I even received these when I had my 2007 Saturn Vue but would just throw them in the trash. But this time I got to wondering what they were and I am glad I did the research on it and now see that it is a scam and not have to worry about it and can throw each and every one that they send in the trash. Glad to know it’s a scam.

Jeffery – Dec 15, 2020

I received one of the pink cards telling me my new car just three months old needs it’s protection updated. I trashed it but this scam needs to be prosecuted.

Daisy – Dec 15, 2020

I had received these vile cards rather often in the past, sometimes twice a week. I saw NO company name on the card, so I figured it was some kind of scam. Then, they gave up sending out the cards for a rather long time. Sometime later, I had some relatively major work done on the car, after my REAL extended warranty had expired. Well, not all that much later, I started getting PHONE CALLS, stating the exact same thing that is on those slimy little pink cards. First, the calls came about once every two months. Then, once a month. Then later, about every 2 or 3 weeks. Then once a week. Twice a week. And NOW – almost EVERY day except Sunday.

EVERY time they call, the number is DIFFERENT. The AREA codes were/are ALWAYS different. THEN, I started calling them back. I kept telling them to stop calling me, but they always immediately hung up. Not much later, I began using a few free reverse phone lookup services to check out the ersatz numbers. Spy-dialer is pretty good, as you can also, most of the time, SEE A PHOTO of the origin of the call. Now, 99 out of 100 times, the photo was some deserted building, implying that they had found and were using phone numbers of businesses that had gone out of business. The caller ID, of course, was ALWAYS different, too.

BUT, one thing was common. The first thing I heard was an agreeable, happy-sounding youngish female voice, informing me that my vehicle’s warranty had expired, and that they could provide me with an excellent vehicle warranty at a low price. The times that I pressed a 1, or a 5, to talk to an “agent”, it was ALWAYS A MALE WITH AN EAST INDIAN, OR PAKISTANI VOICE. SOMETIMES A FEMALE, BUT MOSTLY A MALE VOICE. Well, when they call now, I always press the 1 or 5 to talk to the agent, then tell them that I AM SICK TO DEATH of the calls, and to STOP THEM, or I will REPORT them to the authorities. They NEVER stay on the line. Oh, and did I tell you that since they started calling every week, and then every day, I BLOCK THEIR CALLS.

But they use so many DIFFERENT phone numbers, that they always manage to phone me again. Often, the caller ID doesn’t look like a business phone number, but it has a real-sounding person’s name, with the 3 numbers (after the area code) matching the first three numbers of MY phone number. This group of criminals ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS. ALL THEY WANT IS A CARD NUMBER, AN EXPIRATION DATE, AND THE THREE DIGIT CODE FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD. Never, EVER give them the opportunity to receive that information. Now, I ask WHY WILL THE GOVERNMENT NOT CRACK DOWN ON THESE CRIMINALS?

Brianna – Nov 27, 2020

I got a letter in the mail from the motor vehicle service notification about a car I don’t have. I don’t have a 2018 Jeep Cherokee.

Emily – Nov 27, 2020

Hello I just receive this letter to my door from DMV I GOT SO SCARED cuz is hard to see if is a scam , they have my adress and my name on it , how 😞not privacy at all , I never gonna finance another car again they sell all or information out there , so I call the toll free number and is not a MVA car shop repairs

Brandon – Nov 25, 2020

This kind of Scam/Misleading Crap should be illegal, I already have a separate extended vehicle service warranty I purchased when I bought my vehicle. These people are so stupid they can’t even get there act together…What a frigging joke…

Yolanda – Nov 25, 2020

Just got one of the red slips in the mail, and had a laugh when it said, 2020 Honda Accord. I have a Civic Sport, but nice try though, POS.

Roger – Nov 24, 2020

Received pink card in the mail, thought it might be a scam. Looked up the phone number and ended up here. The number they used was 1-877-728-6041. Thanks for having this site.

Haley – Nov 22, 2020

Received a link postcard. Read reviews and none have the phone number on my card. Figured this was another scam because everytime these “warranty dept.” Associates call me, I block the number they phoned from. Yes, I have tons of those numbers blocked! Glad I decided to Google the number because I did reach out to a dealership about repairs that I needed and they were supposed to call me back.

Andrea – Nov 21, 2020

Got two of these sent to me on the same day, with different dates they expire. One sent in my actual name, the other just titled to “new Jeep owner.” One post card came from St Louis and the other came from Sacramento. Kinda sus there’s no return address or website (in this day and age, any business trying to go national is going to have a website. ESPECIALLY if they have to do with vehicles, or insurance). Definitely a scam, I wouldn’t trust them.

Molly – Nov 16, 2020

1-833-201-1652 is the number the used. Said they needed to verify my vin and mileage, but I lied and told them my wife had the car out running errands. He said call her and get her to tell you the info. I said, “she’s busy, and I’m not going to bother her with this. Can’t I call you back?”
He said, “what do you mean? I mean, this is your last chance! You’re not covered! Anything could happen.” MU-HU-HAHAHAHA!
The guy on the phone became upset with me when I told him, “why don’t you tell me what you have on file, and I’ll tell you if that’s accurate.” “That’s NOT HOW WE DO THIS!”, he said.
After that he just kept trying to talk over me, whenever I asked a question.
Sorry douche-nozzle, YOU CANT HAVE MY MONEY!

Geoffrey – Nov 05, 2020

I got a yellow one in the mail today! Glad I got online and looked it up! You can’t trust anyone or anything nowadays!

Jennifer – Oct 24, 2020

Got the pink card today. I knew it was a scam because I DON’T EVEN OWN A CAR! I looked it up to see if there was something I could do about it. This is disgraceful.

Shana – Oct 23, 2020

Pink postcard with vehicle info and full name. Seemed somewhat legit until looking up the call number. Sharing experience so others are aware

Devon – Oct 21, 2020

Same as others – pink card — Motor Vehicle Service Notification. Almost got me. Looks official. Thanks for all the posts. Saved me a stupid phone call and likely sales pitch for insurance or something.

Krista – Oct 18, 2020

I also received a pink postcard claiming “your vehicle is in need of a vehicle protection update in order to ensure its continued optimal operation … By neglecting to update your protection program you will be responsible for paying all repairs out of pocket.” No mention of the make /model of my alleged vehicle that needs such an “update” (if that info WAS stated, it would have been totally creepy and would have concerned me as to where they could have possibly gotten that info).

I bought my vehicle brand new 25 years ago, still have it, and never had a protection plan from Day 1.

Associated telephone number on the postcard: 855-390-3753

This was very obviously a scam in my eyes but wanted to be sure to share my experience for others’ benefit.

Brooke – Oct 07, 2020

Just got 2 notices for my Subaru, plus 4 different phone calls. “Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract for my Mitsubishi activated, you will be at risk of being financially liable for any and ALL repairs after factory warranty expires. 1-877-728-6041 – scam – checking & reporting them!

Brandi –

I received a card from zip code 33431Motor Vehicle Services Notification Record ID: 4EX2601138 Toll Free 1-800-298-8024 for my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

Candice –

Got a pink one a couple of days ago and a yellow one today saying the same things as above. Phone number is 1-877-586-0450 for yellow and 1-888-582-6870 for the pink.

Ross –

For approximately a year I was receiving letters, and post cards saying that I owned a 2013 Ford Explorer, stating that it was time for me to renew my vehicle protection.
I never owned a 2013 Ford Explorer. I owned a 2001 Ford Explorer, which I brought to the junk yard approximately a year ago.

Keith –

I received this pink card in the mail with no name of company saying my warranty needed to be updated. Going in the trash. Scam

Cody –

That picture is so funny! I did the same thing to the one I received today!

Jasmine –

Received in mail. I have not owned a car in 5 years! Glad I looked it up before calling.
The toll free # 1-855-390-3753 it says everything else that’s on other people’s pictures, besides my name an info.
(Unable to post or take a picture) 🤷🏽‍♀️

Erica –

I received this pink card today. I have not owned a vehicle in 19 years. My granddaughter told me to look up the phone number and I found that it is a scam.

Leah –

Victim Location 97239

Type of a scam Phishing

The post card was titled: Motor Vehicle Service Notification. It mentioned my vehicle by year, make, and model. It said my vehicle protection plan needed to be updated or I would be responsible for all repairs. I called the phone number, 1-877-202-1858 and talked to a representative. He told me that there were many necessary repairs needed on my vehicle and that it would be dangerous to ignore these repairs. If I updated my plan through them, all repairs would be covered, including one that could cost as much as $2,000. Then he informed me that the coverage would only cost $216 per month for 18 months – or $3,888 total. That was a huge red flag. I told him I was going to call my local Subaru dealership where I bought the car. They had my VIN and looked up the information. I had one problem that was fixed by them last February, but there were no other problems with my car. Because I had a vague memory of this repair, I thought this might be a legitimate update of coverage – until the almost $4,000 cost.

Luke –

Victim Location 94044

Type of a scam Other

Received the attached notification stating that I needed vehicle protection. Seems dubious because my vehicle has an existing warranty valid for another two years and is always insured comprehensively.

Tristan –

Called the number and KYLE answered the phone. I asked him if he was associated with the Dealership where i bought the car. He told that HONDA is the manufacturer and they are the Activation department for the warranty. I then asked him if they are affiliated with HONDA in any way. He said, I was being rude and told me he was going to disconnect the call. My wife then asked, what the hell was that about? At which time he disconnected the call. I called back to ask him what was going on and why he was hanging up as I was trying t get more information about why I should give than any of my information or purchase their BS product. He then told me that if my wife wanted to know what was going on, its because she married an [censored]. I would very much like to meet Kyle in person.

Natasha –

Just got this on the mail and glad I checked before calling

Daniel –

I’ve gotten the same motor vehicle service notification pink post card saying that I apparently own a 2018 GMC Acadia and needs to update, I DO NOT own a vehicle and haven’t for a long time. So yeah this is a scam

Neil –

I received the same postcard. Decided to Google them for laughs and I found this page. Though, the number they used is 1-855-394-4031. These scammers must change it every month.

Luis –

Received a Motor Vehicle Service Notification postcard in the mail yesterday stating that “their records indicate that I have not contacted them to have my vehicle protection updated. This notice is to inform you that your vehicle is in need of a vehicle protection update in order to ensure its continued optimal operation. Please call us today at 1-800-200-9312. By neglecting to update your protection program you will be responsible for paying all repairs out of pocket.” I’ve serviced and replaced parts myself since I got it 4 years ago! Bought it used and never had a protection plan on it!

Darrell –

I received a post card stating that I didn’t contact “Motor Vehicle”, about protection update. This vehicle protection updated is needed in order to ensure its optimal operation.
Please call us today at 1-855-394-4031. By neglecting to update your protection program you will be responsible for paying all repairs out of pocket.

I already have “MOPAR VEHICLE PROTECTION PLAN”, but still continue to receive these post cards about vehicle protection plans…

Dana –

Memphis TN – July 16, 2020
I received the pink postcard from MOTOR VEHICLE SERVICE NOTIFICATION.
This notice is to inform you that your vehicle is in need of a vehicle protection update in order to ensure its continued optimal operations. Call us today at 1-866-787-3707.
If they’re not contacting me by phone, they are mailing these pink fliers!
They look official. SCAM!

Shana –

I have received a notice in a yellow card, asking to call for activation of protection of my 2018 Honda; at toll free 1 888 642 9034, they state that in order to insure the continue safe operation, neglecting this advisement I will be responsable to pay for all repairs out of mi pocket. Supossely they have records of ID, and expiration date.

Jeffery –

Scammer’s phone 1-888-642-9034

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

This notice is to inform you that 2018 Subaru is in need of vehicle protection in order to ensure its continued safe operation! By neglecting to activate your protection program you will be responsible for paying all repairs out of pocket. it’s a TREAT!

Leonard –

MOTOR VEHICLE SERVICE NOTIFICATION Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle protection activated. This notice is to inform you that your 2018 Subaru is in need of vehicle protection in order to ensure its continued safe operation. Please call us today at 1-888-842-9034.. By neglecting to activate your protection program you will be responsible for paying all repairs out of your pocket. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUEST. SCAMMERS

Jillian –

I receive 2-4 calls daily at all hours to my cell phone! As well as this post card recently sent.

Margaret –

Motor Vehicle service Notifications coverage Id:
165ID03865 Notification
date June 13 , 2020
Expiration date June 26 , 2020
Toll free 1-800-457-2717 hours Monday -thru- Friday 9:am 7:pm
Immediate Response Requested…

Card # 0000435-02F

Thank you!

Brett –

I don’t know why in the
hell , I keep getting these unwanted Motor Vehicle service Notifications…

I only have 1 vehicle and
I keep getting all this Spam mail…It should be against the law to allow

Scammers to try and ripp
people’s off ..I want to report this , I’m tired of getting these annoying phone calls and junk mail

Can’t they be stopped!

Tammy –

Victim Location 35773

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received pick card via mail, MOTER VEHICLE SERVICE NOTIFICATION, IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED, HOURS M-F 8:00-8:00 CST, SAT 8:00-4:00 CST, TOLL FREE # 1-877-413-6377Called and they transfers you to another dept. A lady came on the line. Very knowledgeable of your current auto Info. Conversation went on for a couple of minutes. It will lead you right into giving them more of your information. I informed the Lady I would be notifying Ford Moter Credit to protect myself, and she then tries to convince you that if the call ends You will be automatically denying the opportunity to update your policy that has expired already. I hung up anyways and called FMC And I was informed it was a scam.

Michael –

Victim Location 78584

Type of a scam Other

I received a notice on the mail about renewing my vehicle’s protection but I have never owned a vehicle, I don’t even have a driver’s license.

Kurt –

Victim Location 34698

Type of a scam Phishing

Claiming to be a Motor Vehicle Service insurance company associated with our vehicle dealer. They kept trying to get a credit card number out of us. Fraudulently stated we do not have private new vehicle insurance when we do. Trying to make us pay for another "policy". Return address: "Carol Stream, IL 60188 permit #:1369" phpne #:1-877-202-1781 "supervisor": Christopher Pewter.

Melanie –

Victim Location 87111

Type of a scam Other

The postcard warns "By neglecting to activate your coverage today, you assume responsibility for paying repairs in full out of pocket." Not only is this bad grammar, but the service being offered is an extended (secondary provider – NOT HONDA) warranty. The postcard is deceptive, intentionally vague, and misleading.

Kelsey –

Victim Location 45013

Type of a scam Phishing

I got a post card in the mail with my full name on it, and the type of car I got last December. Now 5his car was totaled in August and then replied. So I called the number because it said I needed to activate my protection on the car. When I called them and said it was totaled they asked me how I got around. They wanted to know what type of shoes I used to walk cause 5hey could activate my warrentty on my shoes. I then cused the [censored] out of them and they just started laughing and said it was a joke. Please don’t fall for this scam on the yellow post cards. All they are wanting is money from you.

Naomi –

Victim Location 76262

Total money lost $179.68

Type of a scam Phishing

Contact for car lie and change you monthly ,and say one time charged four years, that not true they have no web site no address. Out if business years

Janelle –

Victim Location 48823

Type of a scam Other

The postcard states that their records indicate that I have not contacted them regarding vehicle protection being activated and that I will be responsible for paying all of my repair out-of-pocket.

Christian –

Victim Location 48375

Type of a scam Other

The keep calling, even though I specifically told them to never call me again, stating that my vehicle’s warranty has expired.

When asked for the company’s location, they would not answer my question. They also call from different, local numbers, none of them worked when I tried to call in order to check.

Attached is a screenshot of the call.

Sierra –

Victim Location 73102

Type of a scam Phishing

This company contacted me numerous times trying to sell me an extended dealer warranty on my car. They knew the year and make and model of my car, and went through telling me what typically breaks down on my car and for "only" $759 dollars down and $356 a month I could get a 7 year extended warranty on my car that covered the electrical components, transmission, engine, basically everything but the tires and body. The two people I spoke to were both very rude, the last one used scare tactics and bullied me to try to get me to give them my information. He actually went as far as to belittle me in his attempt to get my credit card information or my bank account information. I finally told him that I was calling the to verify the company and he called me a derogatory name and hung up on me.

Sergio –

Victim Location 29316

Type of a scam Phishing

These numbers continue to call and harass me. It is an automated system at first saying they are calling from the warranty department for my vehicle or for a free security system. They also keep calling after I follow prompts to remove me from their calling list. They ask for Barb Evans, but when I asked the manager (after getting through automated system) his name he said his name is Loney and would not give me his last name or address of business and then said I was angry and he would not talk to me and hung up on me.

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  1. Got the yellow postcard today. Sometimes it’s pink. The scammers want to grab your attention and make you think that your vehicle may be recalled or have some legitimate service problem. Just throw these into the trash and do NOT respond otherwise like all scammers you’ll get pestered in the future by them and others that they will sell your address and phone number to as being a “live one.” These cards have no company name on them which should be enough of a red flag for people. As far as knowing what vehicle you drive and where you live this info is very easily available on line and is public record. Any how DO NOT correspond with these scammers.

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