Mug teacup pugs

Matthew – Sep 04, 2020

Victim Location 75068

Total money lost $675

Type of a scam Online Purchase

His name is Milan Edwards. I went to the website and found the teacup pug I was interested in… I clicked on buy now and filled out name. Email address, and phine number about an hour later the company emailed me thanking me for my intrest in my pup and sent over extra pictures and even video…pups name was Troy…they asked me a few question and i was to respond to like have you owned a puppy? Tell me about your enviroment? And how will you take care of Troy I responded. I got another email 30 min later thanking me for my response telling me that the charge would be 650 and shipping would be free Troy would be shipped to my home with crate,blanket,and a toy. He would be housed trained registered and given his shots. Just set up Cash App and deposit 650 and Troy will be sipped within 9hours… While I was setting up App i recieved a contract stating price and shipping would be free so I signed and they set over Cash App info wich was $Edwardm720 and money was sent… They got money and i asked when will my puo be shipped and by who they stated he will come to my home address within 9 hours by plane he stated that shipping oerson will contact me in 40 min…well he did Elite carrier service he told me my dog is scheduled to be shipped but due to Corona virus it would be 2,500 to puchase a crate and that the money would be returned to me when dog had been shipped i told him i dont have 2500 dollars and he told me i canrlt ship your pu i asked for my money back he daid contact seller. When I tried to contack Mr. Mrs Edward I got no answer through phone email text nothing! And I tried texting and calling Elite back and just gat a message about google phone call not anwering at this time… He was quick to text or email back before he got my $650 now he left me and my kids broken hearted?!

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