Mobility Students Program Reviews - Mobility Students Program Scam or Legit

Ramon –

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for and Administrative Assistant position through and received an email. The email provided the details of the position and asked if I was still interested in the job. I replied yes, they sent me documents to complete to do a "security check". They explained they are an international company for international exchange students and I would be helping to set the students up for accommodations and provide general office duties. The list of duties provided sounded normal. They stated the office in London, Ontario was not open yet, it was scheduled to open in March 2018. I would be expected to work remotely (from home) until the office opened. I accepted the position and singed the documents. I was instructed to sign onto an app called Telegram. This would ensure I my hours were tracked. I started to work on Friday Feb 9th 2018, I received my first project. I was to create a PowerPoint presentation about London, Ontario. The due date was Thurs Feb 14, 2018 at 5pm. I competed the project on time and was told it was really good and they were happy with my work. The next day I received a new project. I was to research accommodations for undergrad students coming to London, Ontario and staying for the summer months. The due date was for Friday Feb 16, 2018 at 5pm. On Friday I received a telegram message asking me to setup payment for accommodations for a group of students coming to Halifax NS and then to Ontario next week. At this point I was suspicious. So I asked a whole bunch of questions as to why they couldn’t pay through the company account or credit card and why would they ask a new person to be handling money. After I started to ask questions, the person stopped talking on Telegram. So I finished my project and handed it in at 4:40pm. I was told we would be working on Family Day, so I signed into Telegram this morning and Doris Holinaty is not online. So I called her number, it is disconnected, as is another number used to call me.

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