Mid City Inn Motel Reviews - Mid City Inn Motel Scam or Legit

Lance –

Victim Location 42754

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

He told me his name was Steven Bennett (false I am sure) and wanted my rare and hard to find puppy. He/she told me he had other things his mover had to get in my area and the mover would get my pup at the same time. He said he would be sending an "Official Check" and would add money for his mover that I would wire for him and he would add $50 for my trouble. He assured me the process would go faster if I would do this for him and I would send $1200.00 thru Western Union after I took the check to the bank. He gave me the address of his mover, which was Janet Williams, Houston, TX. Stupidly, I did what he asked. He sent me the USPS tracking for the check and it did originate in Los Angeles. When I took the check to my bank, they thought it looked ok. I deposited part and got cash for the wire. I wired the money to the mover thru Western Union as he told me to do. Western Union would only do $1,000 so he told me to get four iTunes cards with the other $200 and take a picture of the codes and send to him so he would know I bought them. I had never used iTunes and I didn’t even catch onto the fact that he was going to use them once he got the codes. I started getting suspicious but it was too late. The next day I reported the fraudulent transaction to Western Union. They opened up a fraud case but I haven’t heard anything. I made reports to all the consumer reporting agencies. I ended up losing $1200.00.

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