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Emily – Aug 12, 2020

I got scammed buy Mike Doodle of 300.00. Unfortunately my pup of 14 years passed away and I was vulnerable. He has me send the money through Zella. never send money through them unless you know the person. I found out the hard way. This is his # 1(978) 699-8245. Now when I first called this number I had to leave a couple message wanting to know more about the pup. I get a text from a lady telling me to stop calling her. I was confused her number was different. I asked what was I saying.. it was about the pup.? I had already sent the money. I finally was able to talk with him on the phone he said all was good.. I must have been calling the wrong number.. no I wasn’t I was redialing from a text. We decide to have the pup sent to us.. we then got a email from the airlines saying they have the pup and send money. By then I was realizing I might be getting scammed I asked them if we could do facetime or take photos because I believed I was getting scammed, never heard back. His e-mail [email protected] (for Zella). He told me he lives in Atlanta Ga. This was what I sent to him: Dear Mr.Mile.. I’m not going to be angry that you stole from me. A person that lost her dog.. and was not thinking clearly. I said a prayer for you that the Holy Spirit would wrap his arms around you with love. Because you need it. If you loved yourself maybe you would love life and not steal from people!…
I think I got him on that because he responded WE DO NOT STEAL FROM PEOPLE,,, oh sure you don’t … I asked several time to facetime ..

Luke – Mar 06, 2020

Victim Location 48423

Total money lost $550

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This man scammed me out of a puppy and I paid 550 for me and my daughter and wife. Never got the dog tried to get money back gave me a fake address and called realtor all a fake doesn’t live there and come to find out the number is a landline in Massachusetts and says he lives in Georgia. I paid using cash app and zelle because he said his paypal wasn’t working talked to him over the phone and through text I still have all the conversations and receipts that I paid him I hope one day this guy gets what he deserves and Rotts in hell

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