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Kristine – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 84404

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a phone call on August 5, 2020 from a company calling themselves "Meyers Litigation" asking to speak with my husband who is a 100% disabled, U.S. Navy Diver, permanent/total, service-connected, Gulf War with a brain injury and has been so for over 20 years. I informed the caller that as his VA Spouse Caregiver, Fiduciary and Legal Guardian, they needed to speak with me. I was transferred to a person named "Donna Pierce" who stated that my husband had defaulted on a payday loan called "Direct Cash Loan" and that if we did not pay this debt they were going to file a lawsuit against him. I told her I had never heard of their company and we do not have any payday loans so do not contact us again. She said "See you in court." It is a federal crime to extort money from a disabled veteran. It is a crime to have all personal and financial information on the disabled veteran – that is called "Identity Theft and Fraud". I contacted my attorney who is prepared to file a lawsuit against them to include significant punitive damages if they attempt to contact us again.

Kristi –

Victim Location 71112

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Was called and told there was a criminal investigation going on in reference to an HCH Draft of $800 on a banking account I had 9 years ago that wasn’t able to be processed. The people that called me stated they were a mediator service just to collect yes or no answers verifying my information- they were very persuasive! They had ALL of my information from 9 years ago when I was in college and lived in an apartment for only 2 months (scary). The company, Meyers Litigation, stated that the bank sent them copies of a notarized statement for 3 days notice (???) And based on what my file showed the company had a right to pursue me for theft by deception and malicious intent of activity. They also threw out the term "21 Day Law". I was very rattled when I got off the phone with them. After a few minutes I called back to ask about how they would contact me since the address they had was an old one, a man immediately answered (red flag) stating his name was John Wilkes. He then informed it wasn’t necessary to get it as they would send my information to the city I lived in to be sent out by the court for my court date. He then said the I could set up a payment for $250 over 6 payments to cover the $800 (his math was obviously bad) or the Payday Loan company would be suing me for $3004.21. I told him I would be contacting my lawyer and he told me to let the lawyer know to file a "Notion of Discovery" once I received the court date in the mail (sounded helpful?) Then I called my lawyer, he said do nothing until you receive something in the mail. I called my bank and they have no recollection of any debt attempt on that account and are resending me a verified letter showing the account was closed in good standing with a balanced of $0. I’ve wasted 1/2 a day dealing with this. These scammers sound helpful and keep reminding me they were just the mediators between the collection company and me. I check my credit at least once a month and have NOTHING in public records or on collection from any Payday Loan.

Alexander –

Victim Location 39759

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They stated i birrowed money from check cashing n 2008. Money not received came back inefficient funds. She wanted banking info abd credit card info. I did have an account at ***.

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