MicroSupport aka Nexway Reviews - MicroSupport aka Nexway Scam or Legit

Jillian –

Victim Location 60618

Total money lost $199

Type of a scam Tech Support

This scam happened over the Internet. A pop window appeared on the screen and it said that I had malware, viruses, etc. on my computer and I can’t turn my computer off. I called the number on the screen and the representative said he worked for Microsoft and could fix the problems. He told me that I can’t take it to Best Buy because I need a level 10 tech and only Microsoft has those. He told me that Microsoft would charge me $499 but a company that Microsoft works with it, a computer support service, could do it for $199. The company was called Microsupport or Microservice. He reiterated that this is a serious problem and I have to get it fixed. These guys continued to work me until I agreed and he transferred me to a person from that company. I gave them remote access to my computer. The representative was a pushy salesman and repeatedly told me I needed this. Eventually they send me an invoice and I finally learned that the company was actually called Nexway, and they have been scamming people for a while. I had to take my computer to Microcenter so I can clean the malware they have installed. I had to call my credit company and now have to dispute the charge. They continue calling three times a day from an unknown number. These guys are really good at scamming you.

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