Microsoft Support/Diwani Business Co.

Randall – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 21223

Total money lost $199.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was checking news articles, when suddenly a load alarm alert came up on my screen and said Microsoft windows had detected a malicious virus and I had 30 minutes to remove it or it would destroy my CPU and hard drive. I gave me a number to call "Microsoft Support" at 888-377-8108 immediately, They identified themselves as Microsoft support and said I need to pay them $199.99 immediately so they could assign a technician to fix it or my computer would be destroyed. Having no choice (i thought), I paid and they began to clean computer. I then (while they were working remotely on computer) called xFinity who had provide Norton Security as part of my internet service. They said they didn’t know but gave me the number to Norton Customer Support. Norton immediately told me this was a fraud, that their was no virus, just a web page saying their was one, and had me close computer immediately, and notify the bank of Fraud, Dispute the charge on basis of fraud, and cancel the card. I was instructed to call Norton 2 hours later and they ran me thru their ful computer security sweep to remove any thing left by scammers (they had already removed their web page) The E-Mail comes in as a new source called "News Break" and is attached to the articles.

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