Kristen – Sep 17, 2020


Susan – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 19070

Total money lost $111.79

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 5/25/20, I purchased a reborn (lifelike) doll for my daughter’s birthday through the website. I paid a total of $111.79. Per the "thank you for your order" email, I was supposed to receive a notification informing me of when the item was sent. On 6/9/20, I emailed Melosaley to inquire about the status as I never received any notifications. That day, I was provided a tracking number and was told that the status would show in 2-3 days. The doll finally arrived on 7/7/20 (6 weeks). Unfortunately, the doll advertised/purchased, is NOT what was received. I received a cheap doll – one that I could have purchased from any local store for probably $25.00. I contacted Melosaley on 7/8/20 via email to share my disappointment. I provided pictures as to what I ordered vs. received and gave them the option to send me the correct product or to refund my money. I also requested a prepaid mailing label to return the product as I don’t feel I should incur any expense as they misrepresented the product; they did not provide an accurate description or pictures of the doll. I received a response on 7/9/20 informing me that they sent me the correct product and that they would refund me $6.00 and for me to keep the doll. I honestly thought that I misunderstood the email – why would a $6 refund be acceptable? I responded on 7/9/20 informing them once again that what I purchased from their website is a completely different product from what I received – there is no comparison. Again, I requested a refund and prepaid mailing label. They responded with, "Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.Because we sent a correct doll to you, we cannot full refund you. even you return the doll to us. If you decide to return the doll, we will send the address to you, but we can refund you $30 at most and you should bear the shipping cost." I believe that Melosaley is a fraudulent company who scams innocent consumers into purchasing items through deceptive advertising practices. I thought I was purchasing a product from California. The item came from China. Services orders are to be processed within 1-3 days. I had to inquire about the order status after 16 days of purchasing it. They state that they provide a 30-day return policy, yet I’m being told that I will only receive a max value of $30 for my return (which is probably the actual value of the doll!). After further research, I learned through a 3rd party that Melosaley is listed as one of many reborn doll companies to be a scam and that product pictures are stolen from artists – hence why you don’t receive what you paid for. I opened a case with PayPal and will be escalating the case to a claim as it does not appear that the seller is willing to honor their own 30-day refund policy.

Here is the link to the doll I purchased:… It is currently listed as a $172.00 (the price is climbing).

NOTE: Per the PayPal case, the seller’s name is listed as Alandmart, yet the PayPal payment was sent to Merchant Name E-Helium Inc. with email address [email protected]

Drew – Jul 23, 2020

We are having the exact same experience. Ordered 6/14 arrived 7/18, which was reasonable given global pandemic. Unfortunately, we ordered an African American doll and the one that arrived did not have the features advertised, specifically eye color. We were told the same thing, “no refund as correct doll sent and it might have had minor differences”. If we want to pay return shipping they will refund $30, if we want to keep the call they will refund $6 (SIX) for our “inconvenience.” I have also opened a case with Pay Pal. Sadly, my daughter is special needs. She saved up for this doll and $101.10 is a lot to lose. She did try to to research to see if the company was an online scam and we both felt comfortable that it was not. We were wrong and hope others find these messages before they make the same mistake. I will file a stand-alone complaint here once we are through the Pay Pal Resolution Center Process. But for now, buyer beware. Melosaley is not a reputable company.

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