Microsoft Ofice Support

Catherine – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 48125

Type of a scam Tech Support

The Costco concierge service directed my mom to a scam website (misspelled to download MS office. The "Rep" my mom reached from the contact number on the scam site spoke rapidly while having my mom perform a computer scan, and my mom turned over her computer screen to him (using the software TweakerbitTechnologies "LogMeIn Rescue"). He told my mom that there were multiple corrupting viruses and to check her online bank account for theft (he claimed ~$800+ was being removed by Chinese hackers). My mom spoke with me and used a different computer to confirm, and during this time, the fraud hung up.

NB: during this time, the fake MS agent accessed the following web addresses which received 1344 hits:

Ex: 12:33 PM Microsoft Windows Official Services

*this can be seen in the attached image as well. I think somewhere in the middle my mom looked up the Trojan that this guy said she’d been exposed to. I included it in case it’s helpful in forming a case against this fraud.

I’m including screenshots from my mom’s computer plus notes in red explaining them. As noted, the left hand side is a compacted version of my mom’s chrome history during the scammer’s call and the right hand side shows the program he used to take over her computer.

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