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Kate – Mar 27, 2020

I started talking to “wilson Cohen” in January 2019 on Zoosk until March 21 2020. I now realise he is a very cunning, persasive and manipulating and not to mention dispicable person. He has ruined my life financial, and made me considerable ill. He has sent me many, loving messages promising a bright future together. I was, ashamed to say completely taken in. My story is exactly the same as above. Wilson’s contact number is 07551 438483 and his email addres is [email protected] The fake tracking parcel informaion with norlan creek logistic is NCL546798766 original servie Area Magdenli Binasi 195Cad. No 4 06370 His partner in crime a someone called Mehmet. I want this man caught and i want mymoney back. I have reported ths to the National Fraud Dept ref no NFRC20003555505.

Rachael – Nov 26, 2020

Hello! This [censored] Wilson Cohen scammed me too. He is a liar and nothing but a devil. He also scammed me out of a lot of money. This was a hard lesson to learn because he left my finances in a mess! I met him on POF on August 2018, and he promised me a good life and was bragging how he had millions of dollars in his TD Bank account. He needs to be locked up for fraud. This is a big scam and Norlan Creek Logistics is also involved in this scam. This is CRIMINAL. I hope people read our reviews and stay away from these CROOKS!

Amber – Nov 26, 2020

Victim Location 34982

Type of a scam Romance

Scammer used dating site POF to target their victims. Scammer said they were stuck in Turkey. Went there for a job. The company equipment faltered and was forced to sell his business. Scammer said that the government took his passport so he could not travel. The company provided a check which was delivered through Norlan Creek Logistics which was associated with Shipping & Clearance fees which were made directly to the shipping company. After all the payments were made, the shipping company never provided a "paid in full" receipt, and the scammer Wilson Cohen said that the shipping company misdelivered the package that was to be delivered as per the agreement. The payments were made to the shipping company and were supposed to be reimbursed from Wilson Cohen who is now no longer communicating. Ladies, be careful as these scammers (Wilson Cohen & Norlan Creek Logistics) are out to get your hard earned money. Unfortunately, this has become a law suit against Wilson Cohen & Norlan Creek Logistics and no telling whether you’ll be able to recover all your money.

Tracy –

The same exact thing happened to me. Wow! Unbelievable. I can not believe that I believed this [censored] WILSON COHEN! Ladies! Please stay away from WILSON COHEN as he is a big LIAR where he promises to give you a good life but he ONLY wants to steal your hard-earned money. Do NOT trust him! He needs to be in jail because he continues to scam innocent people.

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