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Melanie –

Victim Location 73703

Type of a scam Employment

I made a profile on care.com for a babysitting/ nannying job. A couple days later I was contacted by a person named Michelle Babusek using the email [email protected] This person described a "personal assistant" job to me: 2-3 hours daily, can work from home, paying 400 dollars weekly. "Michelle" explained he/she is a realtor and was out of town a lot.

"My name is Michelle Babusek, am 43 Years Old Woman. I am a Realtor and travels a lot that’s the reason why i need an assistant to handle affairs for me on the home front when i am away on business which is usually quite often.This position is home-based and flexible you can be in any location, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, i need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings and schedule. There is also a very sensitive issue on trust and accountability which i believe will resolve itself as time goes on."

I asked multiple times to meet at a local coffee shop to discuss business transaction and the question was repeatedly unanswered. "Michelle" sent me an application over email in which i filled out including: "FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS (No P.O.Box Please), CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE, CELL PHONE, HOME PHONE, GENDER, MARITAL STATUS, BEST TIME TO CALL, AGE, EMAIL, RECENT JOB".

This person then emailed me again saying " I wish to congratulate you on your new Job As my Personal Assistant" and began to assign me to my first "assignment". They began to describe that they donated a lot to orphanages and I was to go to Walmart and pick up some supplies and deliver them to local foster homes and orphanages.

"You will be getting an Envelope from courier services this week also. The Envelope contains a Certified Check Payment which will cover all expenditures at Walmart, FedEx shipping and your weekly payment. Once you get the check, you are to proceed to your bank and make deposit of the check because of record purposes, and the funds should be available instantly in your account or before 24hrs, After then, you will proceed with your assignment which is going to the nearest store to you, and after then go to FedEx,USPS or UPS for sending. I am still expecting the list of what you will be getting from the Director at the orphanage homes. Once i have it, i will send it to you."

After reading this email, I called my bank and made sure to have it flagged. I then responded telling this individual that I insisted to meet before any business transaction because this seems like a scam. I got no email back.

It seems as though this person was looking to get my bank account information. I did not continue with answering further questions, however this person does still have valuable information about me including my address.

Things to look for: This person closed each email with: "NOTE : ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR EMAIL AT LEAST 3 TIMES DAILY FOR ANY UPDATES FROM ME." and "Thanks for your co-operation. Honesty, loyalty and punctuality is my watchword. May the almighty God bless you."

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