Michael H Hotchkiss MD PA Reviews - Michael H Hotchkiss MD PA Scam or Legit

Ronald –

Victim Location 20695

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a statement in February stating I owed $35.00. Disregarded it because I have never heard of Dr. Hotchkiss. I called spoke to billing and asked why I received this and Karen Hurley stated to call Judy because she was not sure. Placed it in the trash. In March I received another statement and called my insurance company and they said not sure why I would receive this and they show I have never been to this doctor. Another few weeks go by and received another statement from this office so I called Karen Hurley and advised her that I need to talk to someone. Karen was very nice and we had a very long conversation. She said that since this was at the Waldorf office to speak to Judy – Office Manager. I called 2 days later and spoke to Judy. Judy was very rude from the beginning of the call and argumentative saying she was aware of my conversation with Karen. I advised Judy I have never been to Dr. Hotchkiss and she said I made an appointment and for a no show she was charging me $35.00. I advised her why would I make an appointment when I already have an OBGYM I have seen for over 10 years. She said she wasn’t sure but continue to argue with me and call me a liar because no one would have my name and information. I told her that I could no longer be subjected to this yelling and horrible behavior and that this company is scamming people. I disconnected from the call. Never heard of Dr. Hotchkiss and after googling I have noticed a few others run into this issue. This office needs to be reported as I have no need to lie about $35.00 when I make more than that an hour. They are horrible and I want them reported. Thank you.

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