Micah Blehm

Tamara – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 91765

Total money lost $58.59

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Friday, July10, 2020 I purchased one pair of Birkenstock Sandals from website www.biraves.com for $58.59 including shipping. Later that day, I received a Paypal invoice froma "Micah Blehm" telling me that he would charge this amount once the item was processed. It was posted on my credit card account the next morning. I thought that was a bit weird since the website name or items purchased were not listed on the invoice. The next day on Saturday, July 11, I received another "Paypal invoice", at least it has the paypal logo, stating details about my shipment. It contains a transaction ID, shipper USPS , a tracking number and senders name as MICAH BLEHM in all capital letters. When I click on the tracking number, it says that my package WAS DELIVEREDat 1:56 pm on JULY 9th…the DAY BEFORE i even made the purchase!! It even has a fake tracking history from July 7-July 9 when it supposedly was delivered…ONE DAY BEFORE I actually visited the site. Then it says if I have any questions about this shipment to contact the sender through email. at.. [email protected] This is when I realized I had been scammed. That is not a real email address. I did sent a message just to show that I "have tried contacting" the seller. No reply. I googled the name MICAH BLEHM and it brought me to a public figure chief marketing officer in Dallas TX. Needless to say, I dont think I’ll be receiving any merchandise. I have since filed a claim on my credit card and cancelled it. Please stop this person.

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