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Angelica – Aug 14, 2020

*WARNING* MDE Commerce Ltd, ([email protected]), Cristina Olsen, selling all kinds of stuff online is a SCAM. Don’t pay online as you will not get your ordered product.

Jimmy –

Victim Location 29681

Total money lost $199.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

** Warning** Megadeals scams people by claiming you can purchase a “Maxclean robotic vacuum” that is high-quality long lasting for $79 each or you can purchase three for $200. When you receive the product is actually a little toy about 7.5” diameter, cheap plastic made in China. no vacuuming parts. Non-rechargeable, no docking stand, no replacement parts. It is ran by two AA batteries. It literally does nothing but a tiny motor that makes a sound. it will not vacuum nor go over carpets there’s no brush whatsoever. YouTube videos that they were advertising were very misleading and were shown to have a large robotic vacuum like the quality ones. They have now removed all of those promotional YouTube videos. It is not what you’ll receive. They will not refund your money. They will send you a little tiny package with the plastic toys. It states on the packaging that it is a gift/ commercial sample. So you cannot return it. The only way to return it is to go through PayPal if you use PayPal and let them try to get your money back. You will have to repackage the items and pay for the shipping out of your pocket which is usually $100 to ship overseas. In order to get a refund through PayPal. These people need to be stopped. I bought three for $200 and now I have to pay another hundred to ship it back. Buyer beware stay away from “Megadeals.Ltd”

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