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Grant – Sep 04, 2020

no me han mandado informacion de mis pedidos, en mexico por que paqueteria se da seguimiento, las paginad donde tenia lo de mis pedidos no puedo acceder, me dice que tiene error y solo tengo los numeros de envio y en mexico son invalidos

Ivan – May 21, 2020

I have purchased some items on their website never received it reached out to them several times and they have not responded back.
My name is Sherrell green
My email is [email protected]

Jeremy –

Victim Location 76134

Total money lost $55

Type of a scam Online Purchase

While scrolling through Facebook I found an item advertised from MallMoreMall & clicked on the link from Facebook and purchased the item using my PayPal account. I immediately received my PayPal receipt, but it showed the payment went to Storm Media. I didn’t think much of this at first, because I have purchased things from other companies which have one company name but the PayPal receipt may show another name or an abbreviated name. I did receive a confirmation email from with my order number and a tracking number. I then tried to check the tracking and this is when I became suspicious. The tracking number provided, does not match any of the formats for tracking numbers that are shown on the website or in the emails they provided. When I enter the tracking number, it says no shipping information. I have sent several emails & Facebook messages. Emails usually receive a generic computer generated response. When I do get a "non-generic" answer, I am told they are still checking into the issue and/or the shipping info should show up in a few days. It has been over a month & I have not received my item.

Supposedly it is shipping from China and takes awhile. I would accept that if it were not for the fact that this company can not provide a decent tracking number or adequate proof of shipment. I also noticed that there were several questions regarding valid tracking numbers that were posted on the tracking website. Again, this made me more curious. I checked the website and found no issues listed for MallMoreMall, but discovered that there are at least 9 other similar cases reported under Storm Media. I have reported the issue to Facebook, opened a case through PayPal, and opened a dispute on with my Credit Card company, since my PayPal was paid via my Credit Card. I am waiting to see what the outcome will be and whether or not I will be refunded or suffer a loss of approximately $55 dollars (I currently can not recall the exact amount & do not have it in front of me.) After everything I have tried researching and discovered so far, I truly believe I have been a victim of a scam and am sharing this in hopes that it will help others avoid becoming additional victims.

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