Medium Corporation Impostor

Kristopher – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 55407

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Whomever this is posed as David Sze, "Senior Recruiter at Medium Corporation" hiring for a "Graphics" position. In reality, David Sze is actually an investor at Medium Corporation, which is also a real company, and it is doubtful they would actually interview for a lowly graphic design job. A little online research started to reveal the cracks in this facade. Also, first red flag, I’ve been applying for many jobs using many job platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed, but I don’t remember applying for this particular job. It was confusing since Medium is legitimate, and they were using a legitimate job service email address (Freshteam), albeit with sloppy grammar (always a red flag).

When it came time for the interview, which was to be entirely on Google chat (red flag) this person asked me to confirm my identity with my name, location and cell number. Cell number was red flag #3 (for one, it’s on my resume, if this person actually had it). I sent my name and location only, and immediately they sent a link for me to click on (ignoring the lack of cell number), which was supposedly to fill out a questionnaire before the interview. I opted not to do so sensing something not quite right. All in all, it was all little things that didn’t quite add up. At least I practiced for my first interview the night before. I’m not sure what can be done but I really hope this person or network is both shut down and legally prosecuted somehow.

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