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Frederick – Sep 23, 2020

I am having the exact same experience. Ordered two cotton dresses but they are 100% Polyester. I emailed them immediately for a refund and they won’t do it. They keep offering me small amounts of money – $10, $15, $20 and the latest offer is $22. They’re a scam. Do not order from this company. Wish I’d done this search before I ordered – I’m out $111 inc. shipping

Audrey – Sep 17, 2020

Looking at the other reviews, it seems that this company does the same thing over and over. I ordered a dress and some pants. The dress was 100% polyester, but listed on the website as 100% cotton, did not match the size chart, and the colors were totally different. Same thing with the pants. I sent pictures to their customer service of the sizes, colors and labels of the merchandise and pictures of their own website where it says different materials will be used. Of course they would not let me return (which should be illegal) and offered me a small refund ($10 when I paid over $60) that I have yet to receive. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

Dustin – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 30520

Total money lost $34.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered two dresses, both of which were poor quality. I wished to return the first dress that arrived to my residence within a day of receiving it. The company refused to let me return the item for a refund even though on their website it states in the policies that they accept returns within 15 days of original shipping date. I emailed the company and they simply go back and forth with me stating shipping would be too expensive and they will give me a partial refund of $3 at first then $5 then $8 then $10. It’s never ending. I think they are frauding people. People order things online with the knowledge that it can be returned if not what is desired (especially if it says so on the website). Also the items I received shipped from Inglewood, CA but they said the items would have to be returned to China which is “too expensive” in shipping costs. I’ve read reviews online and this has happened to countless individuals. It needs to stop.

Monique – Sep 14, 2020

I am having the same experience as many others here. They won’t accept a return, and are demanding measurements and pictures, which I refuse to do. I’ve filed a complaint with the better business bureau and am disputing the charge with my credit card company.

Sharon – Sep 05, 2020

I concur with all the above. Do not order from this company and do not believe the easy return lie.

Cynthia – Sep 05, 2020

Please do not order from Mauve Desert. I was drawn in by the dresses shown that popped up on an Instagram ad for Mauve Dessert too. I placed an order around April 2020. I am still waiting—and responding to their constant emails—for my order to even be completed on their end. The emails tell me what I initially ordered is out of stock, that I can either order something else at the same price or get a refund. I tried to get a refund on my non-delivered items—did not happen. So, now they have me trapped in some game where they send an email asking me to send them the picture, description, and link to the item I’d like to substitute for my original order. They will then reply a day, or two, sometimes weeks later, to tell me that item is also out of stock. Then we start the process over again, often with four different people emailing me the same request to find an item to substitute. I even screenshot the page displaying items listed as :In Stock. I have also tried the tactic of just telling them to stop emailing me, it is what it is and I’ll cut my loss. They won’t stop emailing me! I only paid for the initial order, around $150. I have not paid anything additional since—and won’t. I did cancel my credit card as a precaution. But they will not stop harassing me. At this point, I don’t care about any dress they may have in stock. I want them to stop harassing me.

Jermaine – Sep 02, 2020

I am in the same boat as all if you ladies. Looks like I will be out $110. I thought I did enough research before deciding to purchase! Lessoned learned. After sending a message to the service email I gota reply that did absolutely nothing.They did responded back fairly quickly, but gave no steps on how to return, but requested that I send a photo of the actual product received. I sent it back to which they responded that the products were satisfactory, and since there was nothing wrong, I should just give them to a friend. How ludicrous! Who does that!

Again.. lesson learned- shop local!

Amelia – Aug 28, 2020

I had a similar experience trying to return three of four dresses that we purchased. I looked at the return policy, contacted them and was well within the time limits. I had all the original paperwork- the original bags dresses arrived in, the shipping bag- yet they would not except it. They kept asking me questions and I sent 6 different emails with pictures of each item. Each item in the bag, each item out of the bag and explained to them the problems with each dress. Whether it be see-through or cheap fabric and all they would offer me was $1 per dress to keep them! They wanted me to donate them or give them to a friend! I wanted my $100 back.
I paid through PayPal and now I am working with their Resolution center trying to get my money back. Mauve Desert is saying it shipped from China and I would have to ship it back there however my original label says it shipped from Inglewood, California. I guess it’s a lesson to first search the companies name with the word SCAM behind it before you order anything. Also put things on your credit card, maybe American Express, who will work hard to get your money back.
And when you see their AD POP UP ON INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK put YOUR STORY or something negative in the comments so people WON’T order from them!

Miguel – Aug 18, 2020

Before ordering from Mauve Desert, I checked the reviews, some of which had photos with them. The site was well done, and the return policy seemed standard so I felt comfortable ordering from them. The site stated that the processing time was around a week, and shipped from California. Once it did ship out, it arrived fairly quickly. The items inside were ok. They were hugely oversized, and made of a weird material. One of them had sleeves that came almost to the end of my fingertips – and I usually have trouble with sleeves being too short. Super weird. They were not anything that I cared to keep, so I immediately reached out for a return. They responded back fairly quickly, but gave no steps on how to return, but requested that I send a photo of the actual product received. I sent it back to which they responded that the products were satisfactory, and since there was nothing wrong, I should just give them to a friend. I had spent right around $100, so I emailed them back that I would not be doing that and to send me instructions to return them for a refund. They then said that shipping costs would be too expensive for me and I should just consider keeping them. I have just sent them an addition email with threats of a claim against their company and posting my experience on all social media platforms. Do not order from this company! You might get a product, but they do not stand behind their products and it all comes directly from China. Save yourself the stress!

Heidi – Aug 25, 2020

This was EXACTLY my experience as well. They have offered me $5 in compensation and asked me to donate them to a friend. The next email offered me $7 as compensation and said I should take it because shipping back to China was so expensive at $35 it wouldn’t be worth it. Where I spent over $100, I felt like the $35 WOULD be worth it. Ten emails later, they are still not forthcoming with the return information. This is a total SCAM! Their clothes were junk and completely cheap and not at all as expected. We need to somehow ban together and take action against companies like this. This is an expensive lesson to learn. Out of curiosity, where else do you post this so that I can reiterate your Buyer Beware?

Christine – May 13, 2020

Victim Location 10033

Total money lost $77.61

Type of a scam Online Purchase

An ad for Mauve Desert popped up on my Instagram page and I liked the dresses that they were showing. I researched complaints for Mauve Desert online, but didn’t see any. The website looked legitimate, so I ordered two dresses for just over $75. I received a confirmation email with a link to what looked like they would send me my tracking information once they were shipped. That was May 1st. I haven’t heard anything from them, so went to the email and clicked on the ‘view my order’ to get the information. It now goes nowhere. I looked up Mauve Desert on Facebook and it was just created in March and is overseen by someone in China. The clothing on their website now looks completely different. I tried signing into my account, but it doesn’t exist any longer. I email their customer service but I’m pretty sure I won’t hear anything, judging by other people’s comments on their Facebook page. I also noticed the charged me over $2 for some international fee. In my bank statement it says both payments were for ‘FabFashion LTD’.

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