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Shanna – Sep 16, 2020

This is a scam back in July 2020 we wanted to purchase a husky for my son 7th birthday. Let’s just say we were scammed. We paid 770 that was for the Jay the dogs name and for shipping cost. The guy seem on it responding to text messages. Day Jay was being shipped got a text from the guy saying we had to pay for a special crate because the one he had they wouldn’t accept. I got an email from express shippers saying we needed to buy a crate could rent one for 1250.00 and would be refunded once the dog was delivered. We paid that then heard nothing got another email saying the dog needed pet insurance we paid that then got another email dog needed vaccines to that point we stop paying and i sent an email to the company because they had no phone number. I ask for someone to call me. Spoke with a guy he couldnt get proper information on the dog. We try calling the seller..he wouldn’t answer our call but he would text. The seller kept saying its not a scam. And when we told him we were going to report it as a scam. We never heard from him again. I requested a refund from the guy never received and refund from the bank or the guy. As an FYI never use zelle unless you know the person. Its like sending cash and the banks will not refund that money back. We were scam out of almost 3000 dollars. Please do not use Mason huskies. It’s all lies and a scam. The tracking information I received still shows jay the dog is still in Albuquerque new mexico. We are in September. This was back in June and it still showing the dog over there..for a while the site was still up but now the site has been taken down. We have learned our lesson and sadly are out of 3000 dollars.

Alexander – Aug 28, 2020

No Matter what u do not fall for this guy he is the biggest fakest person there can be and I am being so genuine I was very stupid and fell for his trick he will say many things like we believe in god and we don’t like commiting sins and stuff do not fall for it we paid our price for Bruno it was all a fake from the beginning every single thing trust me do not fall for this we luckily got our money back but no matter what don’t fall for it

Benjamin – Sep 19, 2020

Please tell me how u got ur money back I’m starting to think that they just got me to I just made my final payment yesterday on the puppy named zaia I would talk to him everyday or every other day up until yesterday when he got the final payment he told me last week that he had shipped her off and I would be getting her on the 21st now I’m after yesterday I’m getting no reply at all can you please tell me what you did and what I need to do to get my money back

Craig – Aug 25, 2020

This website is a scam! I repeat! This website is a scam! For a bit of background information, me and my family were looking for some baby huskies to purchase and we found mason huskies. I looked at their website and it does look professional and promising, it wasn’t until I started feeling suspicious about them when we started talking to them. We put in our info and got a quick text message response. A text. A little abnormal for a “professional” buissness, but we thought nothin if it at the time. We went for Bruno, a cute puppy with the blue eyes of diamonds, we fell in love with him. They wanted us to pay $650, but we knocked it down to $280 because we didn’t have a bunch of money at that time. They said “at least he gets a good home.” They took it. We paid through cash app and could only get 200 through. We tried to pay them 80 separate, but cash app was acting up, so they asked for a $80 amazon gift card. Another thing we should of taken into an advanced of a scammer. They said they were going to buy things for Bruno. We’re like “ok, that’s fine. Maybe some sleeping pills for the flight from La Cal. To OH.” They give us a contract to sign, and it was in a google doc. hmmm. We took the benifit of the doubt cause it all did look professionally done and signed it. Here comes the day where we figured out they were scammers, full on scammers. They asked for another $200 for the shipping of Bruno. We asked for a picture of Bruno in his crate, ready to be shipped with our info on it before we pay them the $200. They once again said that they couldn’t do that. And we never received a reply back at all. I took my knowledge to the internet about google image searching. I searched bruno’s image on google and loan and behold, another website with bruno’s picture with the exact information. ( if you’re wondering if you can’t find it, google search bruno’s picture, it should be the first link to pop up.) I’ve also seen some other familiar furry faces there as well, such as Karl, Lily, jay, ect. I looked through their website and seen that It was once again a professional website. I seen a contactable email and I asked them if they were partners with Mason huskies. A day later, I received a reply saying that they did not have any relation with that website, they stole their pictures and asked me for the website link so they can file a police report, to which I did. We’ve been talking for a day and now we are working out a plan to buy Bruno. I asked this went for a pic of Bruno with our last name on a piece of paper just to make sure they weren’t scammers. An email or few later, I get a picture of Bruno with my family’s last name on it plus the days date. I freaked. So, please, DO NOT! trust this site, I beg you or else your hard working money you have to which you thought you were getting a puppy from is nothing but a steal, and these scammers, as always, never do a refund to which we asked for, and they have not given us a refund.

Meredith – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 15701

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

There website looks very professional. They send texts to appear friendly and they care for there puppies. Upon asking for AKC registration they were unable to produce such documentation. They took my money and offered no service in return. I made the mistake having made other online purchases in my life never before have I been scammed like this. I learned my lesson cost me 500 dollars would have been 650 but my cash app would only let me send 500.

Cole – Aug 03, 2020

I inquired about purchasing a husky through their website, to which they texted me the following day to set something up. I even brought up the fact about online scams and they reassured me that they were not trying to scam me and that they wanted to find a loving home for the puppy. I paid them and made the arrangements for the dog to be shipped to me, but after my payment was sent, all further communication was stopped and they have not since replied to any of my messages or refunded my money. I am working with cashapp now to try to get my $650 back. Do not trust these people.

John – Aug 02, 2020

I was about to buy a puppy from mason huskies. I was interested in lily. The website looked legit and the price was good ($650). When they said they took the payment through cash app, something told me to look them up on Facebook. I saw posts of others who had gotten scammed from them. I am thankful for seeing that information, as I have a blind and partially deaf 8 month old. I even told mason huskies that I had a disabled son when they acted like I wasn’t replying fast enough. Even after knowing that I have a disabled baby, they still wanted to go through with a payment. I have contacted the bbb and also made a police report. My husband works for google, so come Monday morning, I will be contacting them as well to see what can be done about this fake website. My husband is a software architect and will be looking into it tonight. I’m thankful I didn’t give them my real address and stuff. Something didn’t seem right.

Manuel – Jul 30, 2020

I’m being scammed for the very same puppy Leo , got the very same shipping container issue I was dumb enough to pay for it ,then hours he was to arrive the shipping company emailed me and said I needed to pay 1670 dollars for insurance , now , the seller wont contact me back she got me for 1220 dollars

Jeremiah – Aug 05, 2020

Hello, I have a question about your situation with Mason. I am trying to buy a husky from them but I have NOT sent any money. Can you e-mail me at [email protected]?

Geoffrey – Jul 21, 2020

Victim Location 11738

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a Siberian Husky to buy my boyfriend for his birthday. I came across this website and was just taken away when I saw Leo. I contacted the seller via their “contact us” pngage. I received a quick reply stating he was available and that they only sell puppies as a hobby, trying to justify the low price of purchase ($650). After sending the $650 via CashApp, we received a sales contract which looked legit. The next day we received an email from them stating the crate that was supplied for delivery was not sufficient enough for the extreme weather conditions that would have been endured during travel (CA -> NY). Almost believable, however this fake shipping company ( Expresshippers), was asking for at least $950 for a security deposit on a thermal electronic crate that would later be refunded $900 after the dog had been delivered. Feeling skeptical, I demanded for a phone number (626-988-1624), which I was surprised to hear from a male, after believing I was speaking to an Elizabeth Peres. I proceeded to ask him if I could speak to the woman I was supposedly emailing and he responded with that’s his wife and she’s at work. So I asked him to give me a number I could call to reach someone at the shipping company and he agreed but then when we was about to give me the number he hung up. I later received an email from his “wife” asking me if I was accusing her husband of being a scam. I asked for a refund and have gotten no answer since.

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