Mason Pomeranian

Chelsea – Oct 25, 2020

They are annoying, bad scammers. They send an email with pics of the puppy of your choice, and in the email they claim you can send money to have the puppy shipped or pick up the puppy in person. If you offer to pick up the puppy they have an excuse even though they just said u could pick it up (they aren’t expecting people to try to go to them). They know your zip code when you fill out the questionnaire. This makes it easy for them to say that they are far away, and then try to get you to send money to have the puppy shipped. Scammers!

Bryce – Oct 13, 2020

Lots of similar info in the two reports below for
Mason Pomeranians. In my initial contact email I asked where they were located (before they asked for my address. ). They replied that they were in Richmond, VA when they sent a nice blurb about the process and some pics. I responded by asking if they allowed for a Saturday or Sunday pick up because it was a 6 hour drive for me and I could coordinate that.

Within two minutes of sending that- got a reply saying ‘sorry she’s not available anymore. Someone is picking her up tomorrow.

Extremely likely a scam!

Robert – Oct 05, 2020

This tried to scam me as well. The website looks real, they email you a bunch of pictures, the price is $500, $600 with shipping. I was skeptical. When you fill out the questionnaire, they ask for a zip code, and this is to ensure that they can claim that they are located far enough away that the puppy has to be shipped to you. They said they were in Detroit, MI and that I could pick up the puppy in person or have it shipped today! I told them that I have a sister in law out there who could pick up the puppy, and they said I first needed to pay a $300 deposit through zelle then she could pick it up. I asked if I could send a check or money order, or have my sister in law go pay, and they said I have to pay through Zelle. Then they said they could only mail the dog, and kept trying to get me to send money. It’s so obviously a scam, it’s not even a good one.

Alana – Sep 09, 2020

Victim Location 98294

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a puppy. I know someone who purchased a dog online and actually got their pet so I was looking for something similar. I found a website that was advertising pomeranians for sale for $500 dollars which was a killer deal, it looked real, had pictures of puppies, and reviews that seemed real. I figured the price was that much because the puppies that were for sale were 11 weeks old, most puppies are picked up at 8 weeks for their forever homes. The website had a online questionaire for you to fill out and the breeder would contact you. I filled out the form and was contacted the next day. I received an email which contained pictures of the puppy and a video, the email said they ship three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Detroit Michigan or that I could come and pick up the puppy in person. They asked for my name and address to register the dog for the AKC website and to get the puppy set up to be sent to me by an airline and I would pick the dog up at the airport. They also said the dog is AKC registered, it would come with papers and a 30 day money back guarantee on the health of the puppy. The supposed breeder wanted me to use CashApp for payment, the person I was communicating with via text and email went by the name of Brandon Scott. I don’t know if that is a real person or just an alias. The next day (wednesday) when the puppy supposedly was to be placed on the plane for me I received a phone call saying that the puppy needed travel insurance which was going to cost $1280 and that when the puppy was delivered I would be refunded 95% of the fee. The email said the dog was in Reno NV and was not able to get on a connecting flight to TX. I don’t live in TX and when I checked flights, the flights from Detroit airport to me were not going through NV or TX. I told them that I would contact the breeder and have him handle it. I called the number that I was using to communicate with Brandon and no one answered it, the recording said that it was a text only number. I sent a text asking them to provide me the AKC registration number for the dog and I asked what airline the puppy was supposed to be taking to fly to me and have not received any contact from the breeder of the so-called currier service that this person supposedly set up for the transport of the puppy When I googled the so called currier the information said this company is based out of equador and they have an office in Nevada. I have not heard anything back from the breeder with my questions.

Cynthia – Oct 18, 2020

I am so glad I did some research before trying to buy a dog from these scammers. I got the same text after reading all the reviews and I texted them back and said Never mind your a scam. Lol. One thing I don’t play about is sending scammers my hard earned money. You just can’t trust no one these days. Thank you so much for your review because you saved me.

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