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Jay –

Victim Location 55014

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Was contacted by Jonathan Reiney from Marketing Financial Services looking to buy my timeshare. The website for this claimed company is After a couple of phone conversations, Jonathan said he sent me the offer letter of 59,436 and if I excepted this amount that I was to sign and send the letter back with a copy of the timeshare contract and my drivers license. I did not receive the email. They sent again, however, I did not receive the second one. I started digging into the company. i called them asking questions regarding business name, location, website, who they were working for, etc. They kept pushing me around to other people. A gentleman came on the line to inform me they were hired by Modelo to buy timeshares so they could use them to promote their new beer. And that Marketing Financial services was given $1.5 M from Modelo to purchase properties for their business. They again were going to send me another email which I never received. Not sure where this would have ended up because I pulled the plug. However there is a number of like situations posted within the site.

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