Market Viewpoint

Jesse –

Victim Location 70395

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They say they are a private Hawiia business company used to mail out supllies for business such as envolopes stamps paper ect…. They send you a check for 1960.50 tell you to take 700.00 and send them a money order for the rest to some unknown residence!!! I did not do the check was bad! They even said they would send dvd and instructions for job and I foundthis position on for p/t business assistant! Total fraud. The check came from wells fargo seemed legit from intergrated staffing solutions which is a legit company they modified the check. Be ware!!!!!

Taylor –

Victim Location 08045

Type of a scam Employment

I received a letter in the mail along with a check, which really looks legitimate, letter head Market Veiwpoint I call the company the wanted me to deposit this 1260.00 which I did but then I got suspicious but head wash rushing me to go send 800.00 from walmart in NJ to Walmart in GA, then I realize the company had to many different addresses the letter head is the above name the check say GESA , the envelope Toronto and the return envelope is Dallas Tx, I should have known better nothing is that good to be true. BEWARE

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