Mail Group Solutions LLC.

Edward –

Victim Location 34756

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed from a certain buisiness with the opportunity to work from home. They said they reviewed my resume online and sent me an application to fill out. Then i corresponded with them through email. Soon to have certain phone numbers to contact them.They sent me a buisiness contract and had me set up with an online account to a task manager that will be my way of making reports online. My job title was Quality Inspector. I was to recieve mail and inspect the products and take pictures and write a report on the task manager online. Then they send me a label online to ship out the product.I kept in touch with a supervisor. This continue for almost a month, being that I get paid at the end of the month. They also convinced me to pick up packages from retailers as well and send the product out to certain address. I did a whole month and when the time came for me to get paid. They disappear, I can not log into the task manager anymore and the supervisor doesnt pick up my phone calls. They scammed me into thinking I was working for a real company and they used me to spend my own money to send packages and picked some of them up. I am continuing to make complaints and I will try to file a police report. Beware this is a scam and I hope I was not involved in any illegal activity without knowing.

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