Mark Clark

Logan –

Victim Location 48840

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer reached out for my personal business services, claiming to want service and had 4 children that would be involved. They asked for an estimate and said they would make a deposit and requested we used a service called CloverGo to process transactions. I made the account with clovergo to support the transactions, and proceeded to make the transactions. He requested that the I deposit money into the children’s drivers business account- and I keep the deposit for my services and a tip. After the first deposit he kept making more requests and started to avoid more information and decided to try and reverse the money given to my business when I said I would not make any more deposits for his personal business and family matters.

All the while the scammer never spoke on the phone with us and claimed to have a speech impediment. Also claimed that his only method of payment was through credit card and could not process other transactions and that’s why he needed us to do it.

I did my research and found that this same scam has been happening for years. So I cut all ties when I learned that and spoke with local police.

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