Mariotte Reviews - Mariotte Scam or Legit

Bruce –

Victim Location 43635

Type of a scam Phishing

Foreigners who cannot hardly speak English make sure you are in the area code 419 to make it look legit to buy a vacation. When I tell them I’m not making any promises by the end of the phone call or ask them if they have anything in Michigan for a vacation they hang up on me. I have received several phone calls with all different numbers but with the 419 area code and only the last four numbers are different when they call back. I don’t live in the 419 area code but only have a phone with that area code. They sound Mexican. Because they almost st instantly hang up in my ear they sound like scammers. I’ve accepted and received vacation in the past for legit American people wanting you to see their newly renovated vacation spot or timesharing and fir showing up and listening to their 2 hour information on their property, you either get to stay their free or you also receive a gift like a tv or camera. This was not like that.

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