Maple Call Inc

Ricky – Dec 10, 2020

They keep on calling now they moved to another stage of treat by sending e mails saying that this will affect my credit.. donno how to deal with it.. and to whom.shall we complain.. noted that i ve never used their services . I m unable to reach them by phone as they never answer..
What do you advise? How to report a fraud ? And whom to contact?

Derrick – Dec 09, 2020

They keep calling and asking for over $100 for services from 2 years ago. I have never used them and now they are threatening to send me to collection agency. What a scam!

Vanessa – Nov 15, 2020

DO NOT PAY! read below BBB review:

The corporation profile report for Maple Call Inc shows the company is registered to Nazariy Bilobran at 4214 Showdown Ave Windsor Ontario N9G3B2, which appears to be a residence. The billing address provided on the invoices is PO Box 57109 STN A Toronto, ON M5W 5M5. BBB requested Maple Call Inc provide the physical operating address of their company, and how many employees they currently have.

In Canada, organizations that wish to provide telecommunications services must register to appear on one of the CRTC’s registration lists. Telecommunications services include, but are not limited to, local voice services, Voice over IP (VoIP) services, internet services, long distance services, wireless services and payphone services. We were unable to locate Maple Call Inc on any registration list with the CRTC.”

DO NOT PAY! Let’s put this guy in jail. Make a complain on line with Canadian Fraud, so they can understand that this company is harassing a lot of people

Raul –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I had used NECC for long distance calls for over 4 years now. I received a bill on Feb 4, 2019 saying I owed $33.29 as of Feb. 2. Not sure what type of late charge that would include, but I’m not paying it. I cannot get a hold of the company, the number I call (1-877-974-7494) only gives me a message saying to call another day due to high call volume. I would like to cancel this account but cannot get a hold of them. My usual NECC bill was $5-$8, never more, so when I received a bill for this amount, I was suspicious. I will not pay this bill, if I cannot talk to anyone, I will send back the bill with a letter to cancel my account and contact my current phone service company and get long distance through them.

Kendra –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a letter in the mail on Feb 1, 2019 stating that I owe money due on Feb 2, 2019 to a company called Maple Call, who bought NECC Telecom. I used NECC telecom a long time ago and it seems like they took my account information from there. I called Canada Fraud Agency and reported this.

Tamara –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I cannot reach this company who sent me a invoice by postal mail.

I do not know why they are invoicing me or for what.

I think it is a scam.

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