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Cindy – Nov 05, 2020

What the person described above is the exact scenario that has happened to me. I’ve gotten calls from Debt Recovery Assocjates, LLC (DRA), Claiming I owe $650 from a payday loan I took out in February 2012. Claiming I owe $650 from a payday loan I took out in February 2012 They also had my bank account number name and phone number.
I also checked my bank statements and my credit report and there has never been anything reported that I owe this money from 2012, nor did I ever take a payday loan out in 2012

Desiree –

Victim Location 47380

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Several of my family members and I have been called repeatedly on our cell phones about a fake "payday" loan that I supposedly took out February 20 , 2012 from a company named "Mack Development Group" in the amount of $650. I asked them to verify in some way that this was true when they proceeded to give my bank account number, my bank’s routing number, my social security number, and my email. I then asked them to stay on the line while I looked at my bank statements to be certain that I had in fact taken out this loan. I knew that I would not forget something like this but to be sure I checked and there was no deposit from this company into my bank account on or near the date of February 20, 2012. I also checked my credit reports to ensure that I had not missed something and there was no record of this debt. I have received phone call after phone call and they have harassed my family and been very rude time and time again. I am tired of the phone calls and I am very worried for all of the people who are being scammed by this very convincing scam.

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