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Kelli –

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

We were contacted by Jason Davis, claiming he had an investor interested in purchasing several Timeshares. He verified details of ours – no idea where he would have obtained the details and didn’t think to ask. I provided him with our email address so he could transmit a Purchase Offer, which he did the following week. We did not act on it, so he followed up a week later by phone. I asked him if his company was registered with the and that we would have to do our own due diligence to ensure the authenticity of his company and the purchase offer before proceeding. When I asked if the were members of the BBB, he said his company didn’t believe in paying membership fees. We have not been asked for any monies – yet but find the amount of the Offer to be rather high so we are skeptical. We could not find out any info on Managing Systems Development, other than another complaint posted on this site.

Julia –

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

An agent called me yesterday, asking me if I want to sell my timeshare. He already had the owners propietary name. He asked if I would be interested in selling and if so, he would be sending me an e-mail, that he asked for, with the purchase offer. He said that someone is interested in buying the timeshare for $20 000us. He asked me if I have my timeshare for life or for a certain term right before he offered me the price. I had called him back saying that I have 5 years left on my timeshare and that his purchase offer it read 25 years remaining, and he answers me; " yes yes, the person who is interested in buying your unit wants it to upgrade it"….Huh ?!?

When I asked who was the buyer, he answers me; "he’s not here at the moment"…oh wow!!

He asked me when I would be sending him back the signed purchase offer, I told him that probably by next week.

After thinking about it and speaking to some people, I decided to send him an e-mail saying that my attorney is out of town and that as soon as I will get to speak with him, that I will get back to them.

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