Mazawi Consulting Services, LLC Reviews - Mazawi Consulting Services, LLC Scam or Legit

Cassandra –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This individual, John Lukeman contacted one of our sales account managers in hopes of buying an order worth $14,010.00 CAD. The individual from Mazawi Consulting said he would like to pay by credit card. Company policy is we do not ship out any gear if the customer is paying by credit card until the credit card payment has gone through. After numerous attempts of our order management team member trying to get this customer to phone us with the appropriate credit card information,he has continuously ignored our request. He said he would phone numerous times over the past week and a half with a credit card, and has not. Our team member phone him and he sounded fraudulent over the phone. After getting a gut feeling this was fishy after speaking with him on the phone, our order management team member looked up the phone number online, and it appears to be a scam phone number. We cannot find anything reputable about this company online. Nor can we get in touch with this customer. If we didn’t have our company policy in hand, this order worth of almost 15k would’ve shipped to this customer, and we likely wouldn’t receive a dime. Please check in to this company.

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