Magic Mop USA

Blake – Feb 14, 2021

Bought magic mop in July 2020 and most of Velcro that holds pad came off. Sent email and never heard from them.

Evan – Aug 28, 2020

4 months later still no mops x2 cant even send me a tracking number ?

Roy – Aug 28, 2020

been waiting for2xmagic mops for 4 months what is going on order no 4245& 4244 you said covid 19 was not a impact on orders {lies} send me 2 tracking numbers so i can deal with this situation this is just ridiculous its got to the stage where i will be taking action if you dont e-mail asap just give me a tracking number feedback will not be nice trust me

Omar – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 15122

Total money lost $39.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ad on Facebook claimed to be half off for a limited time. Included bucket, flat mop, and 4 reusable and washable mop microfiber cloths. Claims to ship from USA. Comparing products at time of purchase for new floors seemed like this was a great deal. I was deceived. It took a month to receive it. It shipped from China. It came in bubble wrap and plastic. It was wet and smelled musty and was gross like I received a used system. I only received 2 mop heads instead of 4 and they smelled. I asked for a refund because it was not as advertised and I did not get the full set. The company initially emailed me and seemed to want it back for resale. I guess I know why mine came wet. I refused to ship it back because there is no packaging/no box/no directions. This continues to go unresolved. I commented to warn potential buyers on Facebook and reported it on Facebook because they still claim to be something they are not. The company deletes my reviews and posts.

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