M2 Construction Reviews - M2 Construction Scam or Legit

Jason –

Victim Location 53094

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Other

This man, Marvin Nowakowski, is a fraud! He quoted me $1300 for doing my driveway in concrete, and the money i paid him, he spent. The only thing he did was tear up my asphalt. 2 1/2 months later, I paid someone to come in and finish it.

I introduced him to my mother and her neighbor, he tore up the neighbors driveway (being paid 1/2 down) and MOVED in with my mother, so he didnt have to travel back and forth do to their driveways. My mom paid him all of the money for her driveway and he NEVER touched it, other to get oil from his truck all over it! he lived with her for 2 months paying no rent, having his children live there on the weekends. "borrowed" an additional $278 for personal reasons. He took her to the cleaners!

all 3 of us have now reported him to the authorities and he is not stopping. I also know of another women that got taken for $6000 and he told me about a man up north that he bid a 6400$ job, paid him $3200 and then went and bought a black ford focus with the money.

I just want to see this man stopped!! He has no morals and goes from nice to MEAN in 2.2 seconds. He uses this as an escape to get out of a situation. He brought his kids and his son was riding in the bobcat and i told him no children while he is working…he had a fit and left. then came back and apologized, it just went on and on!

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