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Maria –

Victim Location 62231

Type of a scam Tech Support

On the morning of Dec. 21, 2015 I noticed that my phone said, "no phone". I called Charter from my cell phone and was connected to a representative. She had a foreign accent but that didn’t concern me because it was Charter. After several minutes we were disconnected. Then my cell phone rang and it was the same woman calling back. We were disconnected several times and finally she told me that she needed to check my computer to see if there was a problem with my modem. Again, not concerned because I was talking to Charter. Finally after her checking my computer she says that my network system is infected with Koobface and that the only way to get rid of it was by having 1 of 2 companies take care of it. The companies were Right Tech Support and M & A Tech. Personally, she recommended M & A Tech and she could connect me to them. I asked for a number so that I could personally call them and she told me that if I wasn’t directly connected by her then they would charge me an extra $100.00 and it was already going to cost me $299.99. She connected me and they proceeded to remove Koobface from my network system. Not my computer but my network system. My phone still didn’t work and the guy told me that Charter would be there on Dec. 26. I kept saying that I couldn’t be without a phone for 5 days but he said that I would just have to be patient because it was almost Christmas. I was resigned to having no phone until after Christmas and proceeded to do some shopping. On the way home I get a recorded message from Charter, on my cell phone, telling me that a technician was on their way to my house to fix my phone. I hurried home, they arrived and corrected the problem with my phone.

The following day I did a reverse look up on the number that had called my cell phone after I was disconnected from Charter and saw that it was related to scams.

I also looked up M & A Tech and say that it is a company based in with an address in IA but that is actually from a foreign country.

I called my bank and stopped payment on my check so I didn’t lose the $299.99.

I thought that they would start harassing me for payment but I haven’t heard from them.

I in no way think that Charter was involved in this but that it was someone working for them.

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