Montecito Treasures Reviews - Montecito Treasures Scam or Legit

Emmanuel –

Victim Location 93111

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Credit Cards

What and all people must know about- Lori Frisbie- owner Montecito Treasures


On Tuesday February 14, you stated in your email you will "pay for items sold," not surprisingly I finally received your check and you did not "pay for items sold, or for pre-agreed selling price.

I received your check with note today, and you did not send the correct amount for "all items sold," AND without receipts for the 5 furniture items you have sold.

These are reasons why you run a most scandalous business:

1. Immediately when furnishings owned by others are sold at your store, you are responsible to call or email the owner that their furnishing(s) have sold. You do not responsibly notify the owner. In my case, you NEVER did notify me.

2. When items sell you must have copy of receipt to confirm sale date and amount. You do not supply receipt to the owner of their furnishings.

3. In the beginning we confirm the price you will sell furnishings for, but now without verification, without permission, you say you sold the furnishings for much less than our agreement stated.

4. When a contract expires, it remains your good faith responsibility to first contact and notify consignors to remove their items. But you never do, and instead you simply continue to market, thus steal the furnishings.

5. It is an act of theft that you do not contact consignors to pick up their furnishings, and all the while you continue to sell consignors furnishings…as you so desire, and as your own illegal opportunity to steal 100% of proceeds from the sale of the furnishings that do not in any way rightfully belong to you.

6. As furnishings sell, you withhold for several months, or forever, a responsible consignor notice of such sale, and withhold fair share payment as promised to consignor. As in my case, it was my husband and myself who happened to come into your store- "Montecito Treasures" to shockingly first learn that 5 of our furnishings in fact have sold…up to 5 months earlier!

You are the most terribly corrupt and untrustworthy business woman I have ever met in my entire life, and for the reasons above, I have a responsibility to report you to and to the SB District Attorney.

Clearly, NOTHING you do is based upon good faith, or on good business ethics.


Gail Elbek

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