luxuryshop1133 Reviews - luxuryshop1133 Scam or Legit

Angela – Jul 25, 2020

Victim Location 21207

Total money lost $63

Type of a scam Online Purchase

It is a clothing/accessories shop on instagram. I contacted them on there and asked if they had a product, and they said yes. After paypal rejecting my payment a few times (because the amount was over $200 i’m assuming), I sent a partial payment which was $63. It went through. But, Paypal unfortunately used the wrong card as I was supposed to use my credit card. I let the seller know on instagram through direct message (our only source of communication). I asked if I could get a refund and explained the situation to them, and they said yes. They said they would let me know when they’ll issue the refund. After a week of messaging and them not replying, they blocked me. There’s no way for me to get my money back now, and Paypal won’t do anything about it either, since it was sent through their "Friends and Family" feature. I’m literally a broke college student who just wanted to buy some shoes. But I got scammed with the little money I had. Their instagram profile is @luxuryshop1133. I’m not sure if this is their real email but its [email protected] They also had a few different emails which they sent to me to try and send paypal payments on. They are: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]!! It seems like they are running an operation, I should’ve known!! I feel stupid. They were so convincing that I fell for their scam. I just want my $63 back, that’s all. And, I did send my full name, “shipping address”, email, and phone number for the nonexistent item to be shipped, before I made the payment.

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