Kirkland Ellis Attorneys- Attn Lawrence Kelly Reviews - Kirkland Ellis Attorneys- Attn Lawrence Kelly Scam or Legit

Mario –

Victim Location 71328

Total money lost $4,500

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

They called claiming to be this attorney and explained that my granddaughter was in jail. I even spoke to someone whom sounded just like her over the phone. They explain that she had been in a car accident and was arrested for texting and driving. The charges where endangered driving, and a few others. They needed 4,500.00 to help pay for the damage to the other persons vehicle that was a rental. He was going to not claim any other injuries etc as long as the car got fixed, and it was also her bail for getting out of jail. They asked for me to send the money through gift cards. They explained that yes it wasn’t the normal process but since I would give a card number over the phone it was the only other way. Everything sounded so believable though even my granddaughters voice. Come to find out my granddaughter is in Japan on business though and is okay. She is horrified and so are we.

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