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Rebekah –

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Type of a scam Employment

I feel this is a scam because of their many emails pushing for the signed contract and bank setup combined with their being no U.S. entity that I could find; there is very little information about this company that isn’t Turkish. I applied for a customer service job that states you can work from home. Without a phone call or formal interview, I was offered the job and sent a contract. The person that contacted me emailed almost daily requesting the signed document which was suspicious because I had not interviewed, so they don’t know if I am truly a good fit for the position. The contract PDF sent was vague; it stated that the employee would be responsible for ‘liabilities’ without details for what that entails, no bank information is required, but they request you set up a bank account for ‘certain duties’ which is again unexplained. I did email to ask some questions. I’ve attached the contract and the email response is below.

What are the ‘certain duties’ that require a bank account?

All our new Coordinatiors have to be cleared to gain access to the web portal, as it contains financially and business-wise sensitive information on our clients, strategies and contracts. This is why we take the time during training to build a trustworthy and professional relationship with the employee and to ensure the employee is trained to work specifically within the company’s course of business. We send out trainings to ensure theoretical knowledge, we work with an account of your choice (with Paypal being our top preference) to work on up to 3 tasks before clearing and granting access to the company’s corporate account and its tools concerning client finances – invoicing, billing, payouts, payment notifications, delinquency tools etc. We do not request any sensitive information that would compromise the account.

There is no detailed explanation for what liabilities one would be responsible for and how.

The liability term has nothing to do with the mistakes you might make during your work process, mistakes are common and your supervisor will help you correct any mistake you might make.

The liability clause talks about any illegal and most important, intentional violation of the position. To be honest, I cannot recall a case where the employee would actually have been held liable

. This clause is present there as the Employee is taking on a position with access to lots of sensitive information – our client database as one of the major pieces. Here, we are hypothetically talking about the misuse of the client information for Employees’ individual needs, or violating any procedures

dealing with finances etc. This is where the Employee could be held liable, but this definitely won’t involve any errors or mistakes present during regular work flow. This could also be a result of intentional and continuous negligence, where you could jeopardize a deal you’re working on due to lack of accuracy, responsibility. You will have the web portal to help you plan your time and your work ahead, and while incidents happen, it is important that you are responsible about the work you’re doing and do not put it off or ignore it due to unexcused reasons. Most of the time, any deal you’re responsible for is ‘fixable’ if a mistake is identified early.

For compensation, it references $3 more per hour for extended hours, but the federal standard is half the hourly rate added to the hourly for each hour past 40 in a standard week.

You are correct, and the rate of $3 more only talks about salary, however any afterhours will always include commission rate that will be higher, therefore your altogether earning will exceed the federal standard.

How are taxes, other government deductions such as social security, etc., and benefits paid?

The taxes are paid on W-2 basis, you receive appropriate forms in mail. As for benefits, we only offer health insurance at this time for full-timers starting Month 3.

Asher Lebowitz

HR Manager



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