IPS Reviews - IPS Scam or Legit

Logan –

Victim Location 37027

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

IPS representative calls saying that they have delivery waiting for today of a check $200,000 and a Range Rover if you send them $890 (%1 of shiping fees) to Nancy Carpenter, Cherryville, NC. via a transfer from Walmart.

Bryce –

Victim Location 52403

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I receive calls from this so-called debt collection company several times a day, claiming I owe money for a payday loan I never took out in 2010. They’ve also somehow acquired my parents’ phone number and they get calls everyday as well. I haven’t lived with my parents for nearly 17 years. They are very rude and say terrible things when I call to ask them to stop calling us. I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

Dana –

Victim Location 21108

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The company calls every phone number that I have ever had and wants me to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number. On the caller id it says 855-283-4371, but they ask you to press 1 to speak with a representative or call back at 844-279-7423.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 54304

Type of a scam Debt Collections

An 800 number has been calling my husband, myself and both mother and father in law stating my husband needs to call their office with a given claim number regarding a pay day loan from 2012 and that if he doesnt call they will ‘See him in court." He called them back and they wanted personal information which luckily he didnt give out. We requested documents be mailed to our home regarding dates and amounts, they wouldnt and got very argumentitive then hung up. they have also threatened to contact his place of employement and said they could garnish his wages unless he paid them. agreed to reduced balance in half if he paid that day. My husband mentioned he had an attorney and they immediately hung up. They answer the phone by the name of IPS and the only info they would give out was that they were an Arbitration firm. We tried finding them online to no avail but found a ton of other people claiming they are doing the same thing to them and it is a scam. They knew a ton of personal info so it really sounded legit at first. the phones numbers they called from were 1-855-473-0348 and asked us to call them back at 1-844-279-7423. They would not give us their address or any other information.

Brooke –

Victim Location 80922

Type of a scam Phishing

the phone rings and a recording comes on and tells you that you have a claim within their office that needs immediate attention, use claim number XXXXXXX and a representative will help you. if you wish to be connected press zero or call back at number 1-844 279 7426. The actual phone number that comes in is 1-855-473-0348. If you call back or connect by pressing zero, you are connected to a Asian representative who speaks broken English and so fast you can hardly hear the company name. the company is IPS or international Personnel Solutions and they state that they are a third party firm who deals in arbitration and represent a client which has filed a court order against you. It is all very convincing however when confronted with the collection laws of having 5 days to send a written documentation containing client information, the amount of the debt. They state that they have sent three letters and that you have been avoiding contact. They become belligerent, when faced with someone who knows they are scammers. I dont know how they get the phone number address and last four of your social security card but it is a well conceived plot.

Samantha –

Victim Location 18103

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My parents and I have been receiving numerous calls from a company called IPS? stating i owe on a "payday loan" I borrowed several years ago. When I asked for specific information, they immediately stated " see you in court" and hung up. There business number is 844-279-7426 and 844-279-7425.

My parents are senior citizens and asked them to stop calling them and me.

Johnathan –

Victim Location 18103

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My parents and I have been receiving numerous calls from a company calling themselves IPS? stating I owe on a payday loan that was borrowed several years ago. When I ask for specific information they immediately hang up. they have called on the following numbers 844-279-7426 and 844-279-7425. When I researched the number on 411.com, they has been numerous complaints regarding this number.

Grant –

Victim Location 49089

Type of a scam Debt Collections

We have received several phone calls beginning on December 2nd. I answered the first one and found out that the company was called IPS and she claimed they have my husband’s social security number, address, cell phone number and bank account number and that he owes money for an online pay day loan from 2013 that we’ve never heard of, much less did business with. I was threatened with legal action and when I pushed for proof she became very agitated with me. I was informed that all I needed to do to resolve this situation was to authorize a payment of 300.00 today. When I refused to pay any amount I was advised that I was being turned over to the legal Dept. This is a scam that has been going on for years and the FBI are working on it according to the state trooper that called me back about the nearly daily harassing phone calls.

Cassie –

Victim Location 44807

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Call stating they need to speak to Michelle Michaels. I haven’t been that name in almost 3 year. My debt is completely paid off with that last name. My credit report does not have anything on it. I’ve seen many complaints about this number claiming about debt but it’s a scam. The number is 8442797425 and 8442797423

Joshua –

Victim Location 48161

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Said a claim has been filed against me. With a claim number

Brendan –

Victim Location 97236

Total money lost $688

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This automated greeting was received by me saying i’m to contact them immediately concerning fraudulent activity

and a document number. I called them and a man named Patrick answered and saying that I’m to be served papers

if I don’t settle for a payday cash loan back in 2013. I didn’t want to be garnished or in trouble so I made 2 payment arrangements of 322.00 and plus there getting a hold of several of my family members calling constantly. the number I called is 18442797423 there called IPS

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