Inter pet delivery agency Reviews - Inter pet delivery agency Scam or Legit

Micheal – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 19132

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Hello, I met a lady on Facebook that goes by the name of Kain Hernande. She posted that she has 2 Maltese puppies a male and female. She’s located in Virginia and i’m located in Pennsylvania .She first told me that the price was $450. I told her i was no longer interested. Then she said she can lower the price to $250 + 50 additional fee.I asked her how was the puppy going to be delivered Airline or Ground shipping. She asked me which do i prefer i told her whatever is better for her. She asked for m delivery info , phone # and email. I gave it to her. She told me to cash her the money but i refused so i asked her how about PayPal. She said sure but she has to use her friend Account. They told me to send money as a family/friend. I was confused on why but i did it. I sent her $300 through her friend account. They took the dog to the agency then i received emails saying my dog need a AC crate and i can pay for a $500 refundable crate. I asked her what is this. I told her i no longer want the puppy cause this seems fishy. She told me her and her husband will press chargers against me for abandoning the puppy. I was in shock. I then began to ask for a refund and file a dispute through PayPal and they declined my case. Then the owner told me to cancel the refund and i will receive my puppy on Thursday @ 5:00pm. The day before the owner tells me she never received my money and she basically need me to send her more money. I told her no, i want my refund or i want my puppy and if not i’m going to take this up with the feds. She told me she need to raise money for her to switch the dog agency and stuff and they had to pay extra cash for the dog because they cancel. She also told she was getting the puppy on Thursday from the agency. I Inbox her on Thursday asking for updates and have she gotten the dog back she told me no. I then decided to report her and her husband to BBB.

Kain Hernande cell phone # 757-899-9572

Her friend email: [email protected]

Husband email: [email protected]

Agency Phone # 214-433-6177

Address is for a Rite Aid.

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