Inks Notary Service Reviews - Inks Notary Service Scam or Legit

Jacob – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 95959

Total money lost $30,000

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

A competitor moved to town. We believe she and her multiple businesses are all fronts for distribution of Cannabis, hash and other. We know they have involved specific members of local small town government who have targeted us with repeated fake and harassing calls, letters, criminal theft, Assault and Slander. It is a nightmare trying to correct what we are discovering to be Grand Corruption. They demanded we relocate which is not an option.

Their latest are imposter complaints from the Board of Cosmetology and multiple random changes to our business maps and online profiles. Attached is a letter we believe is part of their scam.

It is a real problem and since the Nevada County DA is directly involved with them (spouses co-market their business, jobs in exchange for false reports, etc.) we see we are just victims of Hate. Our County Executive Officer and Counsel indicated help, after speaking with our DA they have become hostile.

The death threats and smear campaign are impacting our ability to operate and to live our lives. Attorneys have stated on audio recording we "don’t know who we’re messing with" and if we "know what’s best" we’ll "back off." We’re not doing anything. Just trying to continue operating our tiny business that’s been hit hard by them and now covid.

We’ll help in any way. Happy to provide additional information. Thank you for your review of this.

David and Denice Levin (Lotus of Lotus Healing Sanctuary)

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