Imposter Nexway Inc. Reviews - Imposter Nexway Inc. Scam or Legit

Dennis – Jun 02, 2020

Victim Location 83712

Type of a scam Phishing

Nexway, Inc. A big pop-up came on my computer saying that if I didn’t call, I would lose all my data. I called and they charged me $399 to fix it and get their computer fix. Then I kept getting calls from them. I responded and they said I was unsubscribed; only I wasn’t. They asked if I wanted a refund. Yes, of course I would. They then took over my computer, including my bank. When they asked me to put down some information including the amount of the "refund" they added a zero. I noticed they only took the money I had in a paid off credit card and put $4,000 in my checking account. Then they wanted me to go to Walmart and get giftcards. I didn’t do that. I got off the computer right away. All people I spoke to were East Indian (I think). I just now (June 1) got another call saying my bank account would be charged $399 again. What? I’m almost 75 and on social security. I can’t afford this. Someone please help.

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