Imposter Carelinx Reviews - Imposter Carelinx Scam or Legit

Rebecca – Jun 01, 2020

Victim Location 48215

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from [email protected] under the name of Carelinx stating that she wanted me to care for her mom providing me with amount of pay eventually explaining that she wanted to secure me as her mom’s caregiver and get me locked in so she was going to send me $400 in advance and would send me a check for $2,950.00 total and that I should keep $400 for myself pay the rest to the wheelchair seller since her mom had an injury in 2000 she now needs an electric chair. This emailer sent a picture supposedly of herself and her mom. Finally, I sent an email stating that I did not want this position the response was that the payroll officer had already added me on and that I would receive a package soon once I receive it text and I would receive further instructions I did receive the envelope however, I did not open it nor text that I had received it. The email said that this package would be delivered Via UPS with the tracking number 9500 1100 5559 0140 3343 55 the package had a sticker US POSTAGE PAID $4.05. The person bringing the mail into the home stated that it was taken out of the mailbox.

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