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Erica –

Victim Location 83702

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This person called a business stating that they had not paid their electric bill for 2 months and that service would be terminated in 30 minutes if this was not resolved. The male on the phone identified himself as David Burnett and stated that he had a work order number 41598006. When told that the information they had was inaccurate and all bills had been paid they responded by saying that the payments had gone to the wrong department by mistake and that they would have the checks sent back to the business the next day by Fed Ex and that Fed Ex would collect the amount in cash from the business. When told that I had gotten Idaho Power on the other extension they hung up. They attempted to repeat this scam on the same business the following business day.

Phillip –

Victim Location 83702

Type of a scam Utility

They called one of our stores and said the power would be shut off at 1:00 pm. if we didn’t pay our bill right away. The store called the office and said this person called and gave me the phone #. I call them and they answered in a heavy foreign accent hesitantly Idaho Power, how may I help you? I said we were told our power was going to be shut off because you haven’t got our payment. I show it was already paid. He said hold on please while I look up your account and see (I never told him who I was with). He never asked what company.

He got back on and said I am having difficulty finding your account, what was it again. I told him and he put me on hold again. Then another gentleman got on the line that I could understand and he said he was the account manager. I said I was told our power would be shut off and I need to get it stopped. He said I show it hasn’t been paid. I said I have the copy of the check right here and we did pay it. He says I show you haven’t paid April or May payment. He asked how much I paid for May…I made up a number. He put me on hold then he came back and said oh, I show it was put in our suspense account and it will can not be accepted. I said well how much do I owe to get it fixed. He said that we have a check coming back to us for $12998.32 but I first had to go and pay $2998.32 in order to get this check over-nighted to us and not get our power shut off. He said I need to go to a station and get it paid. I said I’d go to Idaho Power to do it. He said NO,NO you have to go to Rite-Aid right down the street from you (which it isn’t) and buy money paks. You can only put $500.00 on each one so you’ll need to get 6 of them and they are $5.95 each to get activated but we will re-imburse you for them. Once you do that you need to scratch off the code on the back of each one and call me with the codes. After that I will call our technicians and stop the shut off. I said I will go do that right now. So he gave me his phone # 800-948-1934

Ext. 101 and his name of Roger Davis. So far our power is still on and we did not pay any money.

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